September 2017
Vizio Smart TV: Are Google and Amazon in App War?
Until recently, Vizio has based its smart TVs exclusively on the Chromecast platform. Now, it has expanded its selection of app partners beyond the Google ecosystem, including Amazon Video. Amazon and Google appear to be engaged in a growing rivalry as they advance their OTT streaming businesses. What does this mean for consumers as well as manufacturers trying to stay competitive? Read more. 
Cloud: The Next Intellectual Property Battleground?  
As the smartphone patent war era slows down (with some exception), the next big and unruly intersection of computing tech and intellectual property rights (IPR) is taking place in the cloud. There will likely be less drama than in smartphone litigation, but sorting out IP for cloud computing has the potential to be just as, if not more, messy. Learn more. 
Will Indian Smartphone Suppliers Get Territory Back?
Now that India has assumed the title of fastest-growing smartphone market, it seems logical that Indian mobile phone brands would be making significant market-share gains. However, the real players in India seem to be the Chinese brands. Manufacturers from China appear to have the edge, but their Indian competitors are fighting back. Read more. 
Case Study: Unit Forecasts for Video Compression Technology     
A patent pooling firm requires ongoing industry projections and trends regarding a specific video compression technology. The data helps forecast revenue for the firm's intellectual property clients and identify gaps in licensing compliance.
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