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Here's a quick roundup of FutureEd's work this month.
We were especially excited to help bring the Education Writers Association's national conference to Georgetown, and to release a report on a decade of teacher reform in the District of Columbia.
The D.C. schools report, published in the June edition of Washington Monthly, recounts how controversial reforms proposed by then-Chancellor Michelle Rhee, have evolved in the seven years since her departure into a national model for improving teaching and learning.
We had a chance to share our findings at the three-day EWA conference, which also included presentations from several members of the FutureEd team and colleagues from the McCourt School of Public Policy.
Our DCPS project was also featured in an editorial in The Washington Post and in a piece by Post columnist Jay Mathews. In addition, our work documenting the background of some of the U.S. Education Department's new leaders was reflected in the New York Times.
Later in the month, we explored key issues in higher education with Senior Fellow Craig Wacker's piece on UT Austin's successful efforts to raise its graduation rates and a guest post from Alain Poutre of the Institute for Higher Education Policy about the relative benefits of free college and Pell Grants.
On the school choice front, we caught up with Louisiana State Superintendent John White, a public school administrator who supports school choice, about the government's proper role in overseeing charters and voucher programs. This came in the wake of new research into the performance of students using vouchers in Louisiana and Indiana.

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Hope you have a great holiday weekend.
Thomas Toch
Director, FutureEd
McCourt School of Public Policy
Georgetown University

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