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Revolutionizing Education in Meghalaya: Launching STEM Innovation Hubs in Schools for Next-Generation Learning | SVM Executive Chairman recognized with Suryadatta Lifetime Achievement Award | Introduction of Ultimate Frisbee in CMYCs | Blog: SVM India Team Exploring Innovation at Jain Irrigation's Jain Hills Campus

Dear Friends,
A unique element of the Smart Village Movement's efforts in rural development is the ability to go to the root of the challenges faced by villagers in all aspects of their lives and create sustainable solutions to address them. Based on our grassroots research with communities, educators, and government stakeholders, students in Meghalaya struggle with Math, Science, and Technology, leaving them ill-equipped for global job markets. SVM is revolutionizing education in Meghalaya by launching STEM Innovation Hubs in schools for next-generation learning. And we thank YOU, our wonderful supporters and donors, who made this possible with your generous contributions.

In keeping with our drive for co-innovation and bringing new technology and solutions to our pilot programs, the SVM Meghalaya team set out to explore the Jain Irrigations model farm and campus in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Jain Irrigations is a world leader in drip irrigation technology for agriculture. Learn all about their visit and learnings in our Blog here.

The introduction of Ultimate Frisbee in CMYC, the alternative learning center in Meghalaya, has the potential to bring significant benefits to the community. The sport also promotes teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship, and can serve as a platform for individuals to develop their leadership skills.

And saving the best news for last, CONGRATULATIONS to our Executive Chairman, Dr. Anil Shah, who was the Suryadutta 2023 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for his extraordinary commitment and work to improve the lives of millions of underserved living in rural India.

Friends, thank you to everyone who continues to support our work to enhance millions of lives. Every word of encouragement, and every dollar donated is a part of the equation that will improve lives even more than we can imagine.

Smart Village Movement Team
 Revolutionizing Education in Meghalaya: Launching STEM Innovation Hubs in Schools for Next-Generation Learning
A unique element of SVM's efforts in rural development is the ability to go to the root of the challenges faced by villagers in all aspects of their lives and provide sustainable solutions to address them. Based on our grassroots research with students, educators, and government stakeholders, students in Meghalaya struggle with Math, Science, and Technology. Based on a study on the importance of math and science, it is seen that over 72% of the students find Mathematics and Science as difficult subjects; Math and Science support is of utmost importance here for several reasons. These subjects form the foundation for many professions and careers, including engineering, medicine, and technology. By providing strong support and education in these areas, students in Meghalaya will be better equipped to pursue these careers and bring more entrepreneurship and technology to the state, and also compete in a global job market.

Smart Village Movement, in partnership with Curiosity Gym, has launched an innovative STEM pilot INNOVATION HUBS at two rural schools in Meghalaya. The pilot program launched in partnership with ed-tech company Curiosity Gym provides students with experiential learning opportunities. This pilot seeks to make Math and Science more interesting and fun by teaching practical applications to students, thus building exposure and an appetite for STEM fields among students.

The program will serve as a hub for students to explore, learn, and discover the intricacies of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. The program’s ultimate goal is to promote and encourage interest in these subjects and equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue STEM careers successfully. Read more
SVM Executive Chairman Recognized with Suryadatta Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Anil Shah, our Executive Chairman, has been recognized with The Suryadatta Lifetime Achievement Award for his unwavering dedication to sustainable rural development through the Smart Village Movement. The Suryadatta National Awards and Lifetime Achievement Awards are presented to distinguished individuals from diverse fields who have made significant contributions to society through their exceptional achievements and commitment to excellence.
The Lifetime Achievement Award is reserved for individuals with a minimum of 10 years of documented accomplishments and whose impact has been felt by numerous individuals and organizations. Dr. Anil Shah's tireless efforts in promoting sustainable rural development and his outstanding leadership as a social entrepreneur and healthcare provider as an Interventional Cardiologist exemplify the qualities that this award recognizes.
it is a matter of great pride for the SVM team, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Anil Shah on this well-deserved recognition. His leadership and dedication are an inspiration to us all. See more
Introduction of Ultimate Frisbee in CMYCs
The non-contact and gender-neutral sport of Ultimate Frisbee is making waves worldwide, and now it has landed in Meghalaya. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Meghalaya GovernmentChief Minister’s Youth Centres (CMYC), and the Ultimate Players Association of India, with support from the Sauramandala FoundationProject DEFY, and the Smart Village Movement, the sport has been introduced to communities across the state. The aim is to engage youth and provide a platform for fun, growth, and learning.
To kick things off, over 400 young people across 22 communities in Meghalaya are being identified and trained in Ultimate Frisbee. Each community serves nearby villages, making it an excellent opportunity to bring people together regardless of cultural or ideological differences. Michael Brenner, the Frisbee Coach for UPAI, believes that Ultimate Frisbee is more than just a game; it’s a tool for building bridges between communities. Read More.
Blog: SVM Team Exploring Innovation at Jain Irrigation's Campus
Jain Irrigation Systems is a world-renowned agribusiness company that has been leading the way in developing innovative solutions for irrigation, food processing, and renewable energy. During our recent visit to their Jain Hills campus in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, we had the privilege of experiencing their cutting-edge solutions and the inspiring culture of innovation that propels their success.
From the moment we arrived at the Jain Hills premises, we were transported to a world of beauty and sophistication. The lush greenery, the stunning architecture of each building, and the glowing yellow lights at night created a five-star resort ambiance. The guest house accommodations were comfortable, and the vegetarian Jain diet was a delightful culinary experience that we still miss today! Read More.
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