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AI Marine Robot Introduced to Clean Umiam Lake | SVM Partners with Bharat Rohan for Drone Crop Monitoring | Students at SVM Funded Innovation Hubs Showcase Their STEM Projects | 3rd Exhibition Celebrated at Sohrarim Nook | Drone Workshop Conducted With Tech Eagle | SVM Funds STEM Innovation Hub at a Second School in Meghalaya

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Drones, Robots, and AI... Smart Village Movement has brought a wave of tech innovation to our pilot state of Meghalaya, drawing much media attention in local and national news. We could not be more delighted! A huge round of applause for our ground team in India who has worked relentlessly in collaboration with the Government of Meghalaya to transform the most remote and underserved rural areas into progressive hubs of innovation.

This effort is in part an homage to our unique definition of a “Smart Village” established at UC Berkeley where our movement was born - “A community that is empowered with digital technology and open innovation platforms to access global markets, " but largely to understand local challenges and then get busy solving them!

We, at SVM envision building thousands of Smart Villages - communities in rural areas around the world that use innovative solutions to improve their resilience and standard of living by building on local strengths and opportunities.

Read on to learn all about the new pilots and stay tuned for more inspiring stories in our next newsletter. (Sneak Peek to our Eco-friendly, affordable homestay pilot that will boost Meghalaya tourism in a big way! )

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AI-Integrated Marine Robotic Boat Demonstrated for Floating Waste Collection
Waste collection from a lake at an altitude of about 4,900 ft in Meghalaya has gone robotic. An AI-integrated robotic boat collected 250 kg of garbage in less than three hours of swim time from Umiam Lake, a reservoir for a hydropower project and a tourist spot lake 20 km from the State’s capital Shillong on Friday, August 25.
Its deployment was a collaboration between the Meghalaya government, our global non-profit organisation, Smart Village Movement (SVM), and Hong Kong-based technology firm Clearbot after a week-long demonstration.
Various stakeholders were invited to Umiam Lake to witness the potential of the robotic boat, an outcome of cutting-edge technology, to “revolutionize waste collection”. The demonstration at Kyndong Rella in the Mawdun area of the lake was the first such initiative in the northeast. Read More...
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Smart Village Movement and Bharat Rohan Partner to Bring Drone Crop Monitoring to Ginger Farmers in Meghalaya
Smart Village Movement, in partnership with BharatRohan Airborne Innovations Private Limited, a pioneer in agri-tech drone services, has announced a transformative pilot project. This collaboration is set to revolutionize ginger farming in Meghalaya by reducing crop losses and improving their income and livelihoods. The project will leverage advanced drone-based hyperspectral imaging and data-driven insights, ensuring affordability for smallholder farmers.

The partnership aims to empower farmers with precision agriculture techniques using UAV drones equipped with hyperspectral, multispectral, and thermal sensors capable of detecting minute changes in crop health. This real-time data enables farmers to make timely interventions to improve crop yield and quality. Moreover, the initiative promotes sustainable, residue-free ginger production, which will incentivize farmers with premium prices by creating better linkages for the export markets, enhancing income opportunities and economic growth for the local farming communities. Read More...
STEM Exhibition at Myngken Christian HS School Wows Visitors
The Myngken Christian Higher Secondary School, in collaboration with the Smart Village Movement and Curiosity Gym, hosted an outstanding STEM Exhibition on August 24.
The event, which was conducted on the school grounds, attracted the attention of several dignitaries, including Manish Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of the Ri Bhoi district, and Swapnil Tembe, Director of School Education and Literacy. The event was also attended by enthusiastic kids and instructors from seven nearby schools.
The exhibition featured a wide range of avant-garde works that sparked visitors’ interest and enthusiasm. The projects created by students in grades three through twelve demonstrated their ingenuity and enthusiasm for STEM disciplines.
The exhibition displayed the astounding depth and breadth of young talent, ranging from basic ideas like open and closed circuits, water, balloon, rocket, and bottle hand fans to more complex endeavors like powered toy cars, rubber boats, maze games, magic cards, 3D printing marvels, robot cars, and shape-in-shape explorations. Read More...
Press Coverage by Highland Post: Click Here
3rd Exhibition at Sohrarim Nook Division a Boon for Community
Amidst a gentle drizzle on a Saturday morning, the Nook division of the Sohrarim Trailblazer Community Lab lit up with vibrant balloons and the infectious smiles of young learners. August 26 marked the third Exhibition Day – a dynamic celebration. This event crowned the achievements of each learning cycle within the bespoke Nook learning space. Nook is a vital part of the Trailblazer Community Lab, now known as CM Youth Centres.
These centres encompass not only the Nook but also the community Library, a sports-for-development zone, an arts division, and the STEM-centric Curiosity Gym.
The whole journey began with the Smart Village Movement launched by the Meghalaya Government. Sohrarim and Nongwah became trailblazing pilot projects under the Chief Minister’s Youth Centre initiative. Their triumph set the stage for an impressive expansion, now spanning 20 centres in the past year.
Press Coverage by Highland Post: Click Here

SVM Conducts an Intro to Drones Workshop with Partner Tech Eagle at the Sohrarim Nook
We are all about introducing new technologies to young learners and rural communities! Last month, SVM brought Tech Eagle, our Drone Logistics partner, to conduct a fun and interactive workshop for learners at the Sohrarim Nook, our first alternative learning lab location.

In our long-term goal of bringing new skills and livelihood opportunities to rural areas, this workshop sets the foundation to bring new skills and opportunities to the state's future workforce.

Thanks to team Techeagle for being such a sport, spending such a great time with the learners, and fulfilling their curiosity.
Introduction of New STEM Innovation Hub at Mawngap Multipurpose District School, Meghalaya
Following the overwhelming success of the first STEM EXHIBITION at Myngken Christian Hr. Secondary School, SVM and edu-tech partner Curiosity Gym are excited to announce the newest development in our partnership: the STEM Innovation Hub at Mawngap Multipurpose District School, a brand-new educational establishment in Meghalaya.

This program has received nothing less than remarkable support. There is a distinct sense of expectation and wholehearted embracing of the program from the School Principal to the committed teachers and excited kids. The teachers at Mawngap School undertook a 3-day immersive practical program that expertly combined learning and fun under the direction of Mr. Prathamesh Mirgal from Curiosity Gym.

As we embark on this new journey, we are optimistic that this innovative program will catalyze students' comprehension and passion for STEM subjects. We are confident that the STEM Innovation Hub will nurture a vibrant environment where curiosity thrives and knowledge blossoms.
Coming Up: Sustainable Housing Pilot for Tourism in Meghalaya
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