This has been one of the most variable springs in recent history with swings back and forth between warm and dry and rainy. This is classic weather where  Weather-Based Irrigation provides significant savings as it turns irrigation on and off automatically as the weather changes. In addition, last week was fairly common where the forecast at the beginning of the week was for dry weather through the weekend, then as the weekend got closer, the forecast changed and we ended up getting rain. It is impossible to keep up with changes with manually programmed controllers as the weather forecast changes. If weather forecasting was a perfect science, it would be easy. However, with the inaccuracy in forecasting and high variability of water need, manually programmed controllers based on these weather forecast often results in wasted water.  Learn about Weather-Based Irrigation here
We've had tremendous success with many customers since signing up with Weathermatic for our Premier Partnership; allowing us to offer their Smartlink Weather Based Irrigation as a subscription and avoiding the capital cost required with other products. This makes it very affordable and provides immediate return on investment. We're beginning to work on budgets for 2021 and if not approved previously, all budgets will include conversion to the Smartlink Weather Based Irrigation . If you have not considered this previously, definitely put it in your 2021 budget. With water rates rising faster than any other utility, the ROI improves every year.  If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our account managers.