July 2015

5 Trends in
Event Mobile Apps [Infographic]

Attendee Mobile App - Aggregator vs. 
Integrated Solution

It's the Wild West in the attendee mobile App space! The barriers to entry are low and there are literally hundreds of companies offering solutions. Prices are being beat down and there's a bloodshed on the horizon with companies that won't make it.


Larger conferences are increasingly putting more into their App and scaling back their thick program to an at-a-glance version. They're embracing features that add value to the attendee experience including access to handouts, journaling and networking. For many, the App choice is a reflection of their brand...thus a critical decision that goes beyond the conference itself.


Conference organizers must choose wisely,  . So who's going to make it and who won't be around in a few years? Our bets are on two primary vendor types:


  1. The custom shop that delivers on brand experience.
  2. Solutions where the App is an output of the data collection process (registration, speaker management and exhibit floor solutions).


Solutions that are primarily aggregators with a tool set will likely lose the race.


We recommend that conference organizers choose their solutions 6 - 9 months out. Keep the dialogue going with your core event technology providers to understand their future developments and partnerships. Do lots of due diligence on the health of your App provider. Year round solutions are less likely to be successful in the association vs. the corporate space.


What are your predictions?


It's time to juice up your attendees' conference experience with a mobile app. The best built-for-purpose conference apps provide a seamless and user-friendly experience that can be customized by the attendee. Built-for-purpose conference apps have hit the fast-follower stage. In fact, most major conferences are in their second or third year of implementing this attendee-centric tool. The quickly changing app landscape, however, means everyone can benefit from a few pointers. 

This eBook is courtesy of CrowdCompass/Cvent. Two years ago, they engaged us to assist in penning this publication. The eBook isn't a sales pitch, but rather a helpful guide for event technology decisions and implementation...with a primary focus on the Attendee Mobile App.


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