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To look at the big, open space that would become Smashburger restaurant in Hyde Park, you wouldn't think there would be anything tricky about the build-out. The 2,400-square-foot white box, in a shopping plaza on Edwards Road, looked like a blank canvas just waiting for JZ Construction's artisans.


But behind that white box was an alley where a 1,000-gallon grease trap needed to be installed. And buried in that alley were electric lines, data lines, and storm sewers, running all the way through the area that needed to be excavated for the trap.


Once the Ohio Utilities Protection Service marked the lines, it became clear that JZ needed to get creative to work around the four 4-inch conduits of data and electric lines that traversed the area. So we broke out the shovels.


Hand-digging the asphalt took a lot more time, sweat, and precision than traditional methods like using a backhoe, but we determined it was the best and safest, way to get the job done. Because the more tedious and time-consuming work occurred outside, it didn't affect the rest of the build-out. Work inside proceeded according to schedule, even though we were thrown a couple of other curve balls-needing to add framing above the ceiling where none existed, for instance, and spending two days hand-painting grout whose specs said white but were actually supposed to say red.


The job was still completed, as promised, in ten weeks.

Smashburger - all the way
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The restaurant opened in July and is serving up gourmet burgers, chicken sandwiches, and salads. It's the third Smashburger and sixth restaurant in Greater Cincinnati owned by Scott and Cindy Snow.  Their group includes a total of 23 restaurants in Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and Maryland.


While Smashburger is a franchise with established branding and features, the Snows wanted to take this location to the next level, adding elements such as a digital menu board and mounted televisions. According to Jeanette McClellan, director of marketing for the restaurant group, JZ Construction worked closely with the architect, Intertech Design, Inc., of Cincinnati to manage all of the changes and upgrades.


"We were thrilled to have JZ as a partner," said Jeanette, "especially our project leader, Angela Peterson. She has a real eye for detail and helped keep everything organized --which is saying a lot when you have to keep track of kitchen equipment, restaurant furniture and decor, deliveries, electric, plumbing and all the other components that come together to make a great place to eat.  We loved her daily site notes and updates, and she was always willing to work around our schedule when we needed site meetings.  They really helped us look at ways we could improve the guest experience."


Helping our clients achieve success is part of what we do, and just one more reason customers like the Snows keep coming back to JZ Construction for their building needs.   

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