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November 25, 2014

Greetings Pinball Fans,   


We recently returned from the IAAPA Amusement Show in Orlando, where we revealed an updated version of The LE Hobbit™ & Smaug Gold Special Edition along with a 75th Anniversary & Standard WOZ. We received extremely positive feedback from both longtime customers and people who had never seen our machines before.    


Based on feedback from IAAPA regarding the Smaug™ toy, we have made some color changes. Smaug™ will also be showing his teeth in the production games. Please see below for updated images of Smaug!


Games Revealed at IAAPA included the following updates since it's last apperance at Pinball Expo:


+ Book LCD

+ Replaced VUK exit chutes with wireforms

+ Bumper enter/exit through Bag End (removed "Switch Mode" targets)

+ Laser etched Ramp lettering / RGB LEDs underneath

+ Smaug™ sculpt redesign

+ Gold pile in front of Smaug™

+ Columns, gold pile & lighting in upper left

+ Flasher lighting/domes (3 on left side, 3 on right side, 1 gold pile, 1 pop bumper)

+ New art on playfield plastics

+ Action button and RGB LED

+ New decals - arch, shooter, drops, ramps, spinners

+ 2 RGB LED Smaug™ lighting

+ Redesigned bumper barrels to accommodate book LCD

+ New backglass art

+ New drop target colors

+ Closed entrance to shooter lane from outlane


Yet to come for Production Games:


+ Bumper 10pt switch between top and right (through-the-bumper shot)

+ New Playfield art

+ Beast GI lighting

+ Smaug™ eyes lighting (single color)

+ Laser-cut ramp gate with added GI lighting

+ Smaller axes on slings

+ Teeth added to Smaug Toy


As a reminder, customers who currently have a Hobbit™ LE on order have until December 31st to decide if they would like to switch to a Smaug™ Gold. An LE can only be switched to an SE if a minimum of $4000 has been received from the customer or from the customer's distributor by 12/31/14. After this date, no new orders for Smaug™ Gold will be accepted.


We have had many inquires about purchasing a second Smaug™ Toy so the customer has both Smaug™ colors if they wish to interchange them in the future. If you would like to do this, the 2nd Smaug™ Toy will ship with your game for an additional $200, but will NOT be installed. This applies to both LE buyers and Smaug™ Gold Buyers, both have to option to purchase the additional colored Smaug™ Toy. If ordered directly through JJP, please email to purchase. If ordered through a distributor, please contact them to order.


As far as the thick decals we are offering as an upgrade, we will have photos/videos of these in the next month or so to better understand what they are.   


Everyone have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!



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Sale from NOW until Sunday, November 30th Only!
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Holiday Open House at Automated Services!

JJP Distributor, Automated Services will be hosting a Holiday Open House Event on Saturday, December 13th from 12-5pm in Orange, CT. Jack will be in attendance with a Hobbit Prototype Game to play!

Over 100 pinballs on free play, giveways, pizza and soda will be served from 12:30-2:30 and Jack will be available to answer questions, sign items and more!

To be entered into a door prize drawing, please RSVP to! 

Automated Services
163 Boston Post Road
Orange, CT 06477

Updated Smaug™ Toy for LE Hobbit

Updated Smaug™ Toy for Smaug™ Gold Special Edition

LE Hobbit

Smaug Gold

Booth at IAAPA

LE Hobbit

Updated Hobbit Playfield Artwork

Smaug Gold

Body Armor Colors  - Left is for Gold Smaug /  Right is for LE Hobbit


Custom Hobbit Playfield Protector - We will install on your machine for you during production at no additional fee

75th Anniversary WOZ Topper - Bracket on both Standard WOZ and LE WOZ fit this topper. 75th Topper comes with white LED Strip

Super-thick Replaceable Cabinet Artwork - Hobbit themed super-thick replaceable cabinet artwork & Smaug™ themed super-thick replaceable artwork. We will install this on your cabinet at no additional fee


Click here to purchase these items!


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