Last week's PGG talked about focusing on what we want and need more of in our lives and our society, and expand it by, for example, putting more of our attention on acknowledging, cultivating and feeling beauty

Today's PGG talks about the importance of making joy, creativity, fun and humor/laughter a bigger part of our lives, and consider them a necessity - not a luxury - to nourish ourselves and each other in mind, body and spirit. We must make them a priority not an afterthought or once-in-a-while occurrence, realizing the beneficial and healing aspects they provide, as well as the way they can disarm and dispel challenging times and people whether directly or indirectly, trusting that the positive, uplifting vibes go out into the collective "soup".

Because with things so intense lately, you might have been feeling more uncertainly, anxiety, anger, fear, doubt etc. than usual... I am certainly not immune to it all, so waking up Sunday morning and seeing this unsolicited IG story shout-out by my adorable neighbor friend and poet Natalie who was inspired to talk about my book while on vacation was a true gift from the Universe!

She talks about how "It's colorful so it will always make you happy - basically a rainbow that you can carry around in your pocket with you everywhere you go." Her kind words, enthusiasm and sparkly energy was just what the doctor ordered to lift my spirits! (Note the beautiful circle of how that rippled out and back: Natalie benefited from my creativity and then I benefited from hers, which was inspired by mine! #itsallconnected) We all have to power to bring joy to one another. (P.S. Check out Natalie's poetry books and blog here)

Later that day, I got together with one of my dearest and most talented friends, Alex. We were then inspired by our mutual brilliant, creative and hilarious friend Danny (who we lost 15 years ago) and spontaneously did some very silly videos for my book. Check out and follow my Instagram (especially stories, and highlight reels) if you want to see another side of me practicing what I preach! ;)

Not feeling like you have it in you to smile or laugh? You're probably a little emotionally constipated - meaning you gotta feel and process the crappy (no pun intended) feelings in order to have more capacity for the pleasant ones as I mention in our blooper/outtake video description here, i.e. why I had so much inner space and freedom to feel joy that day! And, also, sometimes the silly times are how you process the crappy ones....

And if you're looking for something bright, positive, tangible, and, as Natalie says, "full of things you probably need to hear" make sure you get a copy of my book Say It To Make It: Affirmations to Empower the Heart, Mind, Spirit and Soul Purchase on Amazon here and if you do, please consider writing a review and/or posting anything about it on social media with the hashtag #sayittomakeit. Click here for all the IG posts so far and scroll down to learn more and read what others are saying!

Today's PGG Video of the Week is about why being a comedian is an important job. This week's Instagram post is the blooper and outtake videos from our silly afternoon mentioned above. And for today's PGG Vibe of the Week, listen to Earth, Wind and Fire's Sing a Song.

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Big Hug <3

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