February 2021 Newsletter
SmileFaith Appalachia Director
SmileFaith Appalachia

March 17-20
March 24-27
*Global Dental Relief Teams
Great Adventures Wait for You in the Appalachian Mountains!
With 2020 behind us, we are anticipating 2021 to exceed our expectations at our Jenkins, Kentucky SmileFaith location. Great changes are taking place now, and many exciting new programs are on the horizon! SmileFaith Appalachia is helping to advance our community with free oral health care which many of our local residents would otherwise not be able to afford. We are able to bring this much needed service by partnering with special organizations like Global Dental Relief and many other amazing professionals and volunteers. SmileFaith is happy to announce the expansion of Coal City Coffee, a wonderful, faith-based coffee shop and event center where individuals and families can come and enjoy a rich, mountain roasted coffee, delicious pastries and lunch items, live music and incredible events each week. We are also excited to partner with SOAR (Shaping Our Appalachian Region) and many other great organizations which are providing opportunities for economic growth, better health, and spiritual well-being for the people of Appalachia. We really appreciate the dedication and collaboration of the City of Jenkins and our local community. Their commitment to seeing our success in the area is heartwarming. We invite you to visit the Appalachian Mountains and take part in our future. Bring your dental staff for an exciting dental mission trip; bring a team to do light construction; and take advantage of some unique ministry opportunities. We would love to host you in our SmileFaith Guest House, and offer up some Appalachian hospitality! Chrystal
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Grace Dental of Florida holds a Dentistry That Cares Community Dental Day February 12, 2021
"Times have been tough for many people during this COVID pandemic.
At Grace Dental, we wanted to reach out and help our community!"
Dr. Elizabeth Ho
Elizabeth Ho, DDS
Owner of Grace Dental of Florida
US Air Force Veteran
Dr. Elizabeth Ho & Kaitlin blessing a Dentistry That Cares patient.

$27,500 in Charitable Care provided at this
February 12th event!
Calvary Chapel of Palm Harbor helping people through prayer.

Thank you to all of our great volunteers and sponsors!