December 28, 2020
Dear Friends,
How can you be an outdoor educator from home? I never would have even considered it an option a year ago. All of my work depends on close connections, face-to-face work, and big smiles. Apparently it can be done though. How? You just better be hella creative.
A Big Shift
Between online programs and social media challenges, it's been nice to provide something that can still make people smile from home. They may not be as fun as the programs I’ve become accustomed to like backpacking trips with teens, or campfires with kids, and dinners with adults, but these new ones from home are still there to do the same job.

Continue reading below to see our list of upcoming events and classes, including January's full moon member hike and our upcoming Park In Place webinar. The nice thing about online programs is you can experience them over and over, so check back to our website whenever you want to Park In Place.
Smiles at the Seashore
I miss in person programs and can’t wait to do them again more regularly. Nevertheless I am happy with what has been accomplished just from home. If I could be known for one thing, I would hope that it was that I would make you smile. If you share this ambition, you know that the work never stops, so why wouldn’t I continue to try even from home?

Brandon Barragan
Outreach Manager
Creating a Welcoming Culture at Point Reyes National Seashore

The above image was taken in 2019 during a Get to the Point whale watching excursion. Brandon Barragan (pictured, center) has been instrumental in the creation of this important PRNSA program, developed in 2018 to remove barriers to entry for visitors by offering low-cost events and programs in Spanish. Read more about Brandon’s inspiring work in this article from Rethink Outside.
Elephant Seals Return!
Speaking of smiles... look who's returned to Drakes Beach! From now until mid-March, northern elephant seals of every size and age will be resting, breeding, nursing, or mating on a few special California beaches. Here's a wonderful webinar "Amazing Secrets of Point Reyes Elephant Seals" recently hosted by our community partners at San Geronimo Valley Community Center.

Frank Binney, the presenter, is a long time PRNSA Field Institute instructor and Point Reyes National Seashore Winter Wildlife docent. Sadly, due to COVID-19, the park's docent program was cancelled this year. We bring you the next best thing with this webinar, social media posts, and photos! Learn more here about how to safely view and visit. Follow along with us remotely on our Facebook or Instagram.
Marin County issued a new Stay at Home order effective December 8 in response to the increasing cases of COVID -19 in the region and state. These new restrictions will remain in place at least until January 4, 2021.

How will these changes affect our park and park visitors?
  • Campgrounds will be closed - this includes Wildcat campground, and all Tomales Bay boat-in sites. Sky, Glen, and Coast campgrounds were already closed due to the Woodward Fire.
  • All other current closures will remain in effect. Please find a link to download a high-resolution PDF version of the park-wide closure map on the NPS website here.
Field Conservation for Mountain Gorillas??
Thursday, January 14, 6pm – 7pm
Free #Park In Place Webinar Series
Yup you read that right, Gorillas. Mountain Gorillas to be exact. No there are no Mountain Gorillas in Point Reyes and there probably never will be. What is connected is the in depth conservation skills and research that has gone on to make incredible change for a sensitive species. Jena Hickey has devoted years to conservation efforts while working in the field and has a lot to share. Come learn more about how change can for the environment can happen at a variety of levels and register for this free webinar today. Register Now!
Select class title for more information on these and other upcoming classes.
Monthly Member Hike
Saturday, January 30
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
We love our members and enjoy offering you full moon monthly member hikes throughout various locations in the seashore! Spots will fill quickly as space is limited to 12 people. Register today for this special member event. Not a member? Become a member today.

This event is FREE to members and up to 4 guests/family members.
Can't make it this time? No worries. Full moon monthly member hikes will take place every month on the Saturday closest to the full moon. The next hike will be on Saturday, February 27th. 
Marine Mammals
of Point Reyes
Friday, January 8, 10:30am – 5pm
Watch for whales and spot seals on the seashore. Learn and observe with expert guidance! Coastal habitats of Point Reyes host a large variety of marine mammals. In short walks with David Wimpfheimer near the Lighthouse, Drakes Beach, and other locations this class will focus on Elephant seals and Gray whales while covering other cetaceans and pinnipeds of the area. Be sure to bring your binoculars! Register Here.
Saturday, January 9, 10am – 2pm
Poetry workshop in nature...walk, wander and stop to write along the way. Give voice to the world around you.
We'll walk in silence and write our observations and experiences, read to each other, keep watch, interview the world, give voice to what is happening. Instructor Patti Trimble will share poetic forms and present writing practices for deep attention.
This class will meet at the Limantour Beach Parking Lot, then we'll walk and write our way upstream along the Muddy Hollow trail. Register Here.
Saturday, January 16, 10:30am – 5pm
With excellent image quality, portability, and easy images sharing, the smartphone has become the camera of choice for many, and for many it’s their only camera. While you can get captivating images with the native camera app, to unlock the full potential of the camera, third-party apps excel at bringing out the most your camera can offer.
Saturday, January 23, 10am – 4pm
Sunday, January 24, 9am – 4pm
A Five-Part Series: Tuesdays, January 26 – February 16, - 7pm – 9pm
Saturday, January 30, 10am – 2pm
Sunday, January 31, 10am – 4:30pm
Thanks to those of you who have joined our High Tide Monthly Supporter program. Your monthly donations help sustain our conservation and environmental education programs, and allow us to bring more faces out to the Seashore. Donate this month and sign up to join our rising tide! Become a High Tide Monthly Supporter today. It is the easiest, and greenest way to show your love for the park!
We partner with the National Park Service to create opportunities for all people to experience, enhance, and preserve Point Reyes National Seashore for present and future generations.
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