Smilezone Movers and Shakers
This month's Mover and Shaker is TSN for their incredible commitment to supporting Smilezones initiatives for the past FOUR years. TSN has been a returning supporter of our 24-Hour Hockey Tournament since it launched in 2015; returning this year as our esteemed "Players Lounge" Sponsor!

The Players Lounge provides an incredible experience for our players by offering health and wellness services, healthy and nutritious food and an exclusive VIP area for our players. Thanks to the generosity of TSN this years Players Lounge will offer a one-of-the-kind tournament experience including the relaxation of yoga, massage therapy and stretch therapy, the excitement of TV entertainment, high-quality nutrition options and so much more!
Want to be a part of this amazing event? It's not too late to register your team! All you need is a catchy name and a passion for our cause!
Ask An Expert: Chantale Cotnoir
Did you know Smilezones can ease anxieties and help children relax during physical therapy treatment? We interviewed NEO Kids Children's Treatment Centres Physiotherapist, Chantale Cotnoir to share a first-hand look at the Smilezone magic.
Can you tell us a little bit about your role at Neo Kids ?
I have been a physiotherapist at the Children’s Treatment Center for over 21 years. Physiotherapists working in the pediatric setting assist children with their gross motor development. Depending on the age and diagnosis of the child this can vary significantly from learning to sit, crawl or walk to more advanced skills such as jumping, hopping or riding a bike.

How did your team choose which items would be best suited for your Smilezones?
The physiotherapy group requested to have the gym space renovated since it is the most commonly used area by the team. It also previously included a kitchen space which was not being used in that capacity. By removing the fridge, sink and cabinets we were able to gain so much more useable space.

What features from the Smilezones do you like best or find the most useful as a Physiotherapist?
There are so many great features, it is difficult to choose! The atmosphere that has been created by the amazing artwork however has to be one of my favourites … from the bright, bold, colors to the depiction of our Northern Ontario heritage, the space feels so much more warm and inviting. The custom-made privacy screens have also allowed us to provide more discretion to our families when multiple therapists are sharing the space which is another great feature. 

What sort of reactions have you seen from the kids when they enter or engage with the Smilezones?
Children can’t wait to enter the newly transformed gym! We see them smiling, pointing to the artwork and trying to verbalize what they are seeing.

Have the new Smilezones changed how you interact and work with the kids?
Absolutely! The creation of more dedicated treatment areas has helped children with limited attention to maintain their focus during treatment.    

Are there any times when the Smilezones helped a patient with their treatment?
Every day we see children being more engaged in their therapy sessions. The warm and inviting atmosphere has helped to alleviate some of the fears and anxieties that children and their families deal with when faced with the thought of coming for therapy.

How have the Smilezones affected the staff at Neo Kids?
The entire staff at the Children’s Treatment Center was so enthusiastic about this renovation. Everyone supported the project whole heartedly and we are so very grateful to have been chosen by the SmileZone team.

What is the biggest change you have noticed since the transformations?
There is an overall sense of renewed excitement among the therapists since the renovation took place. Children seem to be happier when coming for therapy which is a significant contributing factor to their success. We feel like the renovated space finally captures the spirit of what the Children’s Treatment Center should be and are proud to have been a part of such a great organization. Thank you SmileZone! 
Next month we interview Program Manager of Regional Acute Pediatric Services, Audra Jesso, if there are any questions you would like her to answer, send us an email and we will do our best to include them in our interview.
Toronto Marathon
Did you know Smilezones encompass an array of purposeful sensory equipment, colours and therapeutic technologies? Each Smilezone is fully customized to be accessible to children of any age, ability and diagnosis! To provide our Smilezones we rely on donations from compassionate people like you.

On Sunday, May 5th you can walk, run or jog in the Toronto Marathon while supporting our mission to help kids across Ontario! How you ask? it's easy! Register for the Toronto Marathon on behalf of Smilezone and gain support form your friends and family. Every dollar raised will provide therapeutic health benefits to children receiving medical care in the province through the building of interactive, accessible and customized Smilezones!

Help us reach our goal of $30,000;

5K Walk/Run
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Half Marathon Walk/Run
Register as a team by emailing Andrea Annis or calling 905-951-2978 X306.
Going it alone? That's cool too! Click the link below to register as an individual.

Smilezone Transforms
Seasons Centre for Grieving Children

Seasons Centre for Grieving Children

  The Smilezone team was busy this past month transforming Smilezones at Seasons Centre for Grieving Children in Barrie!

Our team revamped the Medical Play Room with teddy bear treatment-themed murals, bright paint, a magnetic white board and new medical play toys to provide the children the opportunity to express themselves through safe and fun role-play.

The new Art Room allows for creativity and self-expression to flow with new tables and benches, cabinetry, bright murals, fresh paint and a refreshed kitchen rejuvenation!

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Happy Valentines Day!

You can turn any celebration into a tribute by donating a gift to Smilezone in honour of your special valentine, click here to make your gift now!

Whether it's your partner, friend, child or pet, we wish you and your loved ones a happy Valentines Day!

Smilezone Sneak Peek
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Lace up Those Skates!
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