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February 22, 2018
Smoke-Free HUD Public Housing Policy
This notification is to inform you of HUD's final rule to implement a public housing smoke-free policy by July 30, 2018. This policy requires all managed and owned HUD Public Housing Authority properties in the state of Arizona to become smoke-free.

The movement of smoke between units cannot be contained in multifamily buildings and no level of exposure to tobacco smoke is safe. The health risks associated with second-hand smoke endanger vulnerable populations like children, seniors and people with disabilities.

The smoke-free policy does not prevent people who smoke from living in public housing.  It simply limits where people can smoke. Its' intent is not to jeopardize people's housing options or increase homelessness. The rule will make the living environment safer for all.

We view the implementation of this policy as an opportunity to create healthier communities and improve the lives of Arizona residents. This effort aligns with the Arizona Department of Health Services' (ADHS) and Mercy Care Plan's and Mercy Maricopa's common mission to advance the health of all Arizonans.

Please join us in advancing the health of all residences by helping your patients cut back or quit tobacco by providing smoking cessation services (how to quit), and prescribing the appropriate medication.   The Smoking Cessation Provider Flyer  provides you with the codes for diagnosing tobacco cessation and lists the covered medications while supporting the evidence based practice of ASK, ADVISE and REFER. 
As always, don't hesitate to contact your Mercy Care or Mercy Maricopa Provider Relations Representative with any questions or comments. You can find this notice and all other provider notices on our Mercy Care or Mercy Maricopa website.     
Thanks for all you do!

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