We are very excited to announce that after suspending sanctioning in July, IBCA will return to sanctioning events in October. This does not mean that we throw caution to the wind. We still need to follow the safety measures that we all have been following since the beginning of the pandemic.
Wear face covering when not in your camp site. This includes tray pick up & turn in, cooks meeting, awards, etc. Not wearing face covering when required could result in disqualification.
Maintain social distancing at camp site, when visiting other camp sites, at awards, etc.
Wash or sanitize hands often. Bring your own pen or stamp/labels to pick up trays.
Keep handshakes and hugs to family, teammates, or others you typically spend time with.
Keep group sizes to 10 or fewer people and maintain social distancing.
If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or the flu, STAY HOME. Your points aren't worth another person's health.
The new IBCA website is up and running. Check it out if you haven't already. Thanks to Kevin Miller & Mark Keeney and crew at BBQ Data.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting this year. We will have the Welcome Reception on Friday night after the board meeting. Saturday will start off with the membership meeting. Members in attendance will have the opportunity to vote on IBCA Bylaw changes and Regional Director nominations will close. We will have raffle drawings on both Friday and Saturday for free entries to cookoffs that have been donated by various promoters, a Traeger Pro Grill, a Short Rib Barrel cooker along with other items.

Awards Banquet
Celebrate the accomplishments of the 2019 Top Cooks of the Year. We will recognize the top 10 Overall Cooks, Top 5 Cooks for each Region, Top Cook for each IBCA Meat. We will also induct the 2019 Hall of Fame members.