Many people know Joey Smith and his wonderful wife, Kassie. For those who aren't as familiar with these two, here's a little bit of their background.

Joey has been cooking since 2006 under the team name Joe's Cookshack and Texas Chrome BBQ. Joey has developed his own line of bbq rubs and sauces. He served as treasurer of IBCA as well. Because of their love for BBQ, Joey and Kassie have found ways to incorporate their talents into helping others. They have been actively involved in Operation BBQ Relief that has fed thousands of first responders and those hardest hit by disasters, including Hurricane Harvey in 2017. They have been involved with Community Blessing Outreach and First Chance Foundation.

True to form, Joey and Kassie have recently started their next endeavor that combines BBQ and their desire to continue to give back. Texas Chrome Hero's Foundation (TCHF) gives PTSD survivors the chance to learn and compete in bbq cookoffs.

Through donations, these survivors receive an all expense paid trip to a cookoff that is led by a Pit Coach that teaches them the skills needed to select, prepare and cook their bbq. TCHF has a trailer fully stocked and ready to hit the road.

Heroes are selected after completing an application. Once selected, the Heroes are contacted to select a competition and, if necessary, TCHF will fly the Heroes to the location to compete and provide hotel accommodations.

It is fun watching these teams compete and even more fun to see them when they get that first walk. Regardless of the place, they are excited to see their hard work pay off.

Thank you Joey and Kassie for seizing this opportunity to share our sport with these Heroes. It is truly an honor to watch their success.

If you know of someone who might be interested in becoming a TCHF Hero, they can complete the application online at TXChromeHeroesApplication. If you are interested in donating to TCHF, you can find more information at