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March 26, 2020
As Miami-Dade County comes to grips with the Coronavirus Pandemic, The Children's Trust has decided to dedicate our latest Parenting Our Children Newsletter to dealing with the parental side of managing the crisis.
Endless Snack Time
Controlling your kid's constant snacking during Coronavirus lockdown

It might not be surprising that purchase of snacks like popcorn, pretzels and potato chips have skyrocketed along with the spread of the Coronavirus at the beginning of March, according to NPR. But just as the nation as a whole is trying to flatten the curve of the virus, so to should your family try to reduce the impact of certain unhealthy snacks.  Read more
A variety of healthy snacks displayed on a table.
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Watch Out for Coronavirus Scams!
Beware of those looking to take advantage of fear and distraction

Video footage of a thief stealing several Coronavirus (COVID-19) test kits might represent the worst reaction to the ongoing pandemic so far. But it shouldn’t be all that surprising and the truth is it’s a good reminder to be vigilant at all times, but especially when so much of our attention is centered around the crisis.  Read more
A price-gouger sells toilet paper to a woman at an exorbitant price.
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Census Goes On Despite Coronavirus
Fill out questionnaire online, by phone or by mail

The all-consuming coverage of the Coronavirus pandemic has had an important and negative effect on the attention given to the 2020 US Census. Not only has the once-a-decade national count been necessarily shifted to the sidelines, but the actual ability of census takers to take the count will obviously be affected as well, although how much is hard to say right now.  Read more
A group of diverse individuals come together for the 2020 Census.
Photo Courtesy of Miami-Dade County
Other News
Free Daily Mindfulness for Kids

The City of Miami Issued an Order for All Residents to Shelter in Place and Remain at Home Until Further NoticeRead more

Free Online Lessons at Interactive Math Website Happy Numbers

Free Online Drawing Lessons for Kids, Led by Favorite Artists & Illustrators

Fun at Home: Billy The Marlin has hit a home run, with a new activity zone 

The Summer Slugger Program to Combat Summer Learning Loss During Summer Vacation,
more important now during this unprecedented time with school closures.

City of Miami Launches In-home COVID-19 Testing for Homebound Seniors
Read more or call 305.960.5050
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