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February 6, 2024

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Don't forget to get your tickets for the Gala! Enjoy a night filled with dancing, cocktails, networking, and of course awards! This year's theme is Prom Night, you choose the era! We are so excited about this year's nominees!

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Hillclimb Day Update

In January the Chamber went to Olympia for the Association of Washington Business Hillclimb Day. We met with our elected officials and pushed hard against several bills that could have negative impacts on the business community. We wanted to share some encouraging news on the gift card bills.

We received this update from AWB last Wednesday:

Gift Card Practices (SB 5987 / HB 2094)

  • HB 2094 – Some members were working on amending the bill to prepare it for an executive session, but this never materialized.
  • SB 5987 – An amended version of the bill was scheduled for executive session in the Senate Business, Financial Services, Gaming and Trade committee yesterday, January 30, however no vote was taken.


Neither 2094 or 5987 met the cutoff deadline. Unless a surprise hearing is scheduled today, I feel cautiously optimistic that we do not have to deal with these particular bills for the remainder of session.


Unclaimed Property (SB 5988 / HB 2095)

  • HB 2095 – Was scheduled for an executive session but was pulled from the agenda.
  • SB 5988 – Has not been scheduled for an executive session.


Please note: Proponents have spent a significant amount of money on the political ads and media campaign, and based on information we have gathered, are exploring a path for some sort of win this session. 


Based on conversations we have had with lawmakers, there does not appear to be an interest in bringing either of the unclaimed property bills up for a vote. However, I will caution that because of the fiscal note, these unfortunately have a longer shelf life this session. We will continue to monitor them and update you if anything changes.

We in turn will also keep you informed as we advocate on behalf of the business community. It is our honor to work on your behalf. ~Miriam

Maritime Gig Applications Now Open!


The Maritime Gig Festival is the Summer's biggest event in Gig Harbor! Please join us June 1st and 2nd to celebrate our beautiful city with a weekend of fun and festivities. 2024 applications are now open! To apply visit the link below.

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Pierce County Small Business Strengthening & Security Matching Grant

The Pierce County Small Business Strengthening and Security Matching Grant Program is now open until Friday, February 16 at 5pm. Please note eligibility is limited to small businesses located in unincorporated Pierce County, and several small cities and towns.

Eligible businesses should demonstrate a need for funding that will allow the business to implement safety/security improvements, improve operations and processes, or upgrade facilities and equipment.

Subject to available funds, the grant reimburses 50% of eligible costs up to $10,000 of reimbursement per applicant. Applications will be reviewed until all funds are exhausted and preference will be given to businesses in high-crime areas, those that have been victims of crime, those that can complete the project quickly, and those that have not previously received grant funding from Pierce County.

Since this is a matching grant program, the cost of the project must be matched by an equal amount from the business. For example, if a restaurant needs to purchase a new freezer for a total cost of $16,000, they could apply to the County for a grant of $8,000.

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