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Snare Sale Best Deals
pdp sx0514hbr
PDP 5x14 Hammered Brass
List $416.99 Sale $125.
70% off msrp

Pearl Vinnie Paul 8x14 
List $549 Sale $192.
65% off msrp

yamaha sd265
Yamaha Kabuto 5.5x14 Steel
List $319 Sale $111.
65% off msrp

pdp blackout
PDP 5x14 Blackout Snare
List $272.99 Sale $95.
65% off msrp

pearl m1330
Pearl 3x13  Maple Piccolo
List $389 Sale $136.
65% off msrp

Pearl 5x10 Limited Edition
List $209 Sale $83.
60% off msrp

lud eb
Ludwig Ebony over Maple 6.5x14
List $760 Sale $299.
60% off msrp
lud mplLudwig Birdseye over Maple 6.5x14
List $760 Sale $299
60% off msrp

tama am1370.JPG

  Tama 7x13 Maple
List $499.99 Sale $199.
60% off msrp
at Snare Event:

Tama Snare Drum
winner of fastest hands speed contest*

Puresound Wires+Evans Head
winner of wire changing contest**

Snare Tuning
& Assessment
 tune and evaluate any issues with your current snare drum
Evans Snare Heads
with any new snare drum purchase
Tama T-shirts
with any new Tama snare drum purchase


 * most strokes in 1 minute

** shortest time to change puresound custom pro wires
Custom Pro Snare Wire Demonstration
Custom Pro
Snare Wire Demo Video

Snare Drum Spectacular

Saturday June 23, 2012 10am-5pm


It is Time To Honor The SNARE DRUM: 

The Centerpiece of Every Drum Kit


Add Another Sound or Enhance What You Have


50% off msrp

All New Snare Drums

(some will have greater discounts)

Evans Snare Drum Heads

Puresound Wires


Manufacturer Reps 

Will Be Onsite From:


  evans logo2 ludwig logo puresound logo  tama logo 

See you then with snare in tow!!

John & Staff
Stebal Drums
New Snare Drums
Evans Snare Drum Heads
Puresound Snare Wires 
Offer Date: 6/23/12 10am-5pm