January/February 2020
Saturday, February 1  |  9am-12pm
Are you interested in having your child participate in preschool at Pottawatomie Community Center or Hickory Knolls Discovery Center? Attend this FREE open house to acquire more detailed information and get all of your questions answered. Open houses are highly recommended to help parents understand program policies and classroom guidelines. Preschool Open House is encouraged for parent/guardian participation only.
The Open Houses will be held at BOTH facilities  
at the same date and time.
PCC: 8 North Avenue, St. Charles
HKDC: 3795 Campton Hills Road, St. Charles

For more information, please
 click here,
or call Kara at 630-513-4326

Boutonnières & Corsages
For Mom & Son Date Night
and Daddy/Daughter Dances
Parents...pre-order your child's boutonnière or corsage for your special evening and pick up at Pottawatomie Community Center before the event. Paragon Flowers in St. Charles will use carnations and spray roses with pink and white flowers. 
Boutonnière   |  $13 each
Feb 1  ( #21251
Corsage  |  $19 each 
Feb 1  ( #21252 )
Mar 7   (#20679)
Mar 14  (#20680) 
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Extend your preschooler's day, or just come for the afternoon! Instructors will escort students to classes at the same facility they attend preschool. The park district does not transport children between centers.
Winter Wonderland
Ages 3-5
M    Jan 13  |  11:30am-2:30pm   
RES $28/NR $42  (#20773)
The weather outside might be frightful, but cold weather fun is delightful! Spend the afternoon with friends listening to a chilly story, creating a wintry craft, making lunch, and keeping warm by moving to music. Together, we can make a winter wonderland!

Valentine Special 
Ages 3-5
M    Feb 10  |  11:30am-2:30pm   
RES $28/NR $42  (#20770) 
Would your creative child like an afternoon of everything red, pink and covered in hearts? Design beautiful valentines for the special people in your life. Cook lunch, play games and read stories. Everyone will LOVE this class! 

Preschool Jr. Sports Enrichment
Ages 3-6
M     Jan 13-May 11  |  11:30am-12:15pm  (#20822)
Th    Jan 16-May 14  |  11:30am-12:15pm  (#20823)
RES $126/NR $176

Join All Star Sports for organized fun and games and let your little player shake loose after school! This program is designed to keep everyone moving as we play many different sports and games throughout the school year. This is a great program for children to learn about sportsmanship, team work, and understanding how to receive simple instruction. All equipment is provided.

Lunch Bunch    
Ages 3-5
Th    Jan 9-Feb 13  |   11:30am-1:30pm  (#20761)
Th    Feb 20-Mar 26  |  11:30am-1:30pm  (#20762)
RES $72/NR $108  

Pack your lunchbox - it's time to share a mealtime with your friends! Learn important social and kindergarten readiness skills, and participate in planned enrichment activities. Engage in story time, art, science, math and free play. Activities change each week. Here's a great way to extend your preschooler's day!  

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Just Me & My Dad
Ages 3-6
Th     Jan 9-30  | 6:15-7pm  (#20776)
Th     Feb 6-27  | 6:15-7pm  (#20777)
RES $30/NR $45

Billed as "the fastest 45 minutes of your week," kids
and dads will enjoy time together as they explore
weekly themes with songs, stories, games, and
yes--crafts! This is a Parent/Child class.

Just Me & My Mom
Ages 3-6
Th     Jan 9-30  | 7:15-8pm  (#20778)
Th     Feb 6-27  | 7:15-8pm  (#20779)
RES $30/NR $45

Craving some Mom time with your kids? Time
when it won't be your responsibility to plan OR
clean up the mess? Come join us for a quick,
45-minute, theme-driven break each week
exploring topics through songs, stories, crafts and
games. This is a Parent/Child class.
Let's Have a Ball!
Ages 6m-1½
W     Jan 15-Mar 4  | 9:30-10:15am
RES $60/NR $90  (#20756)

Who doesn't like to play with a ball? Get ready to
participate with your child in everything related to
these fun round toys! Stories, art activities, games
and dancing are all part of this engaging class.

Young Scientists
Ages 3-5
F     Jan 10-Feb 14  |  9:30-10:30am
RES $60/NR $90  (#20774)

Grab your goggles, put on your lab coat, and
embark on a super science journey. Using hands
on experiments, learn about concepts such as
dancing spaghetti, elephant toothpaste, layering
liquids, and ooey gooey oily art. Prepare to be
amazed at how fun science can be!
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Baby's First Holidays 
Ages 2 & Under
Leave the mess here and enjoy your child's artwork for years to come, as you remember how tiny they once were. Commemorate each of your Baby's First Holidays with us! Create a different keepsake each month using your baby's feet, hands or photo. Adults are free.
New Year/Winter  
Th    Jan 9  |  10:30-11:30am   (#20780)
Th    Jan 9  |  5:30-6:30pm   (#20781) 

Valentine's Day  
Th    Feb 6  |  10:30-11:30am  (#20782)
Th    Feb 6  |  5:30-6:30pm   (#20783) 
RES $20/NR $30 per class   
Little Messy Hands 
Ages 1½-2½
F    Jan 10-Feb 28  |  9:30-10:15am   
RES $60/NR $90  (#20757) 
Spend time with your child making a mess that you won't have to clean up! Explore different textures of messy, sticky, gooey concoctions such as shaving cream, finger paint, slime, silly putty, and spaghetti worms. If your child enjoys digging the dirt, join us for some sensory fun!

Playtime Pals 
Ages 1½-2
M    Jan 13-Mar 16*  |   9:30-10:15am   
RES $60/NR $90  (#20765)
Looking for something to do that brings a smile to your face and creates happiness? Keep from going stir crazy this winter! Participate with your child in a class designed to foster early social skills, early art experiences, and a simple circle time with stories and songs.
*No class Jan 20 & Feb 17 
Just the Two of Us
Ages 2-3

Tu    Jan 7-Feb 11  |  9:30-10:15am   
RES $45/NR $68  (#20752)

Tu    Feb 18-Mar 24  |  9:30-10:15am   
RES $45/NR $68  (#20753)

Enjoy some special time together by preparing your child for his/her first classroom experience! Participate in story time, engage in activities and play with your friends. Geared for the child who is ready to enjoy preschool activities with the comfort of an adult nearby.

Toddler Art
Ages 2-3

Th    Jan 9-Feb 13    9:30-10:15am   
RES $45/NR $68  (#20766)

Th    Feb 20-Mar 20    9:30-10:15am   
RES $45/NR $68  (#20767)

Little hands, big fun! Engage your imagination as you and your toddler create unique artwork together. Various art mediums including paint and glue will be used. Dress for a fun-filled mess!

Pee Wee Picasso and Play

Ages 2½-3
W    Jan 8- Feb 12  |  9:30-10:15am  (#21162)
W    Feb 19-Mar 24  |  9:30-10:15am  (#21163)
RES $45/NR $68

Calling all future artists! Let your child explore and express themselves through art activities. Developing new skills while designing unique creations will inspire your budding artist to appreciate different art materials.

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Tot Rock
Ages 1-2

Tu    Jan 14-Feb 11  | 9:30-10:10am  (#20768)
RES $52/NR $78        PCC

Tu    Feb 25-Mar 17  | 9:30-10:10am  (#20769)
RES $42/NR $63

Wiggle and giggle to the Tot Rock beat! Learn new songs and rhymes each class during structured and unstructured time. Explore hand-held rhythm instruments and play props to improve motor skills and coordination. Much more than music class...join us to sing, dance, learn and play the Tot Rock way!

Kid Rock
Ages 2-3

Tu    Jan 14-Feb 11  | 10:15-10:55am
RES $52/NR $78  (#20754)

Tu    Feb 25-Mar 17  | 10:15-10:55am
RES $42/NR $63   (#20755)

Music fun that can't be beat! Learn new songs, rhymes and gross motor skills while using rhythm instruments and movement props. Through imaginative play and sensory integration, children will develop listening skills, fine motor skills and coordination. Much more than music class...join us to sing, dance, learn and play the Kid Rock way!
Music Together Family Class
Ages Less than 5
Th    Jan 16-Mar 12  |  9:15-10am  (#20763)
Th    Jan 16-Mar 12  | 10:15-11am  (#20764)
RES $187/NR $237

Make beautiful music together! Sing, dance, move, laugh, play instruments and more. Children will practice large and small motor skills; develop emotional, social and classroom skills; and expand their verbal and cognitive thinking. Each session introduces a new song collection. Fee includes CD, digital download of class music, illustrated song book and the Music Together newsletter. Siblings under 9 months are free.

Broadway Minis Workshop -
Mary Poppins
Ages 4-6
M    Jan 6-Feb 24  | 4-5pm
$135    (#21117)

Sing, dance, and act out scenes and songs from Disney's Mary Poppins! Students will learn theatre games and acting exercises that will give them a foundation for playing for an audience. Family and friends are invited to a showcase on the last day of class. Held at Marquee Youth Stage.  

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Seasonal Dance
Sessions are shorter and provide young dancers the opportunity to try different disciplines of dance before
making the commitment to the Dance Recital program. Parent observation will be held during the last class.
Required Attire: All dancers should have hair up (out of face). Hip Hop classes may wear athletic wear and clean athletic shoes. All other classes should wear a leotard and tights with pink or black ballet
shoes. Boys may wear athletic wear with appropriate dance shoes; black shoes for ballet.
Creative Movement - Introduction to body awareness and dance concepts using your own creativity, props and music. 

Tip Toes & Me - This is a parent/child class. Introduction to creative movement, music, props and peers.

Lil' Hip Hop - Learn high-energy, age-appropriate moves set to today's popular upbeat music.

A Little Ballet - Introduction to ballet positions, steps, coordination, musicality and rhythm while using creative imagery to inspire young minds and bodies.

Classes begin January 13!
Click here to register for Winter Session classes.
Adult/Tot Basketball
Ages 2-3
M    Jan 6-Feb 10  | 4-4:30pm  (#20792)
M    Feb 17-Mar 23  | 4-4:30pm  (#20793)
RES $60/NR $90

This special clinic offers an opportunity for parents and their child to work together and develop basic basketball fundamentals. The clinic focuses on drills that parents can do one-on-one with their child. Basketball fundamentals covered include shooting, passing and dribbling. Adult participation is required.

Adult/Tot Soccer
Ages 2-3
W    Jan 8-Feb 12  | 4-4:30pm  (#20800)
W    Feb 19-Mar 25  | 4-4:30pm  (#20801)
RES $60/NR $90

Young children develop motor skills while having fun running and kicking. Parents and tots work together in this class, learning the basics of soccer. Dribbling, passing, shooting and kicking will all be emphasized. A variety of activities will be played each week.
This is a Parent/Child class.

Pee Wee Soccer
Ages 4-6
W    Jan 8-Feb 12  | 4:30-5:15pm  (#20802)
W    Feb 19-Mar 25  | 4:30-5:15pm  (#20803)
RES $75/NR $112

Let your child's early soccer experience be a great one. The younger player develops their soccer skills and also gains confidence, coordination, motor skills and communication. The program uses age appropriate drills and exercises to teach players kicking, ball control, dribbling, shooting and more.

Little Dribblers
Ages 4-6
M    Jan 6-Feb 10  |  4:30-5:15pm  (#20794)
M    Feb 17-Mar 23  | 4:30-5:15pm  (#20795)
RES $75/NR $112

The Lil Dribblers Basketball program introduces children to the game of basketball in a safe, fun and exciting environment. Our curriculum uses age appropriate activities and games specifically designed to increase balance, body awareness, motor skills, hand eye coordination, listening skills and the ability to follow directions.

Classes begin January 11!
Jr. Basketball  |  Ages 3-7
Jr. Soccer  |  Ages 3-7
Jr. T-Ball  |  Ages 3-6
Jr. Floor Hockey  |  Ages 5-7
Multi-Sports  |  Ages 3-6
Parent/Tot Super Sports  |  Ages 2-3 (w/parent)
All classes are taught by All Star Sports Staff.
For full class descriptions, fees, times, locations and to register online, click sports listed above. 


Floor Hockey League
Ages 4-6
Sa    Jan 11-Mar 21  | 8:30-9:30am   
$126  (#20929)

This super-fun and instructional league will teach children the game of hockey before the skates go on with emphasis on teamwork and having fun. This league is great for beginners and for all-stars who want to sharpen their skills. All games will be held at the same time each week. Each child will receive a team jersey and trophy. Held at Geneva Park District, Western Avenue School.

Little Yogis at Norris Rec Center 
Ages 5-7
M     Jan 6 - Mar 23  |  4:30-5:25pm
Member $120 / Nonmember $156

Yoga can help children build confidence, body awareness and focus. Incorporating partner poses and cooperative Yoga games inspires positive peer interactions. Bring a mat to class. Held at Norris Recreation Center.
Must register in person at Norris Recreation Center
or on norrisrec.org.

Click code #s to register.
All nature programs below are held at Hickory Knolls Discovery Center, 3795 Campton Hills Road, St. Charles.
Happy Trees Family Painting Class
Ages 2+
F    Feb 7    6:30-7:30pm   
RES $25/NR $38  (#20950)

Everyone can find the joy in this painting class when we allow nature to inspire us! Create a family forest painting on a large canvas that will fit all ages and skill levels. Gather the gang for some non-screen time fun as you make this creative keepsake. One canvas per family registration.

Great Backyard Bird Count
All Ages
Su    Feb 16    1-4pm   
Free  (#20956)

A fun and easy event that engages birdwatchers to create a real-time snapshot of bird populations. Count the birds at the Hickory Knolls feeders along with members of Kane County Audubon. All GBBC results will be submitted to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for entry into a national database.

Wild Wednesdays
Ages 2-6
RES $30/NR $45 per class

The per fect cure for cabin fever for your critter loving little one. Join us for a month of fun, crafts, games and tons of hands-on critter visits. New theme each month!

Ice and Snow Adventures
Cool experiments and chilly animals!
W    Jan 8-29  |  9:30-10:15am  (#19868)

Fantastic Fossils and Dinos
Be a paleontologist and dig for cool dinosaurs!
W     Feb 5-26  |  9:30-10:15am  (#19869)

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FREE! Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday, April 4  |  10am  


Pottawatomie Park

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

Wednesday, April 8  |  9-10am

RES $10/NR $15 per person (#20751)


Pottawatomie Community Center
Is there a skill, topic or experience you'd like to have offered for your children? New program ideas are always welcome!
Contact Kara at kguizzetti@stcparks.org