Volume 121 | November 2019
Why You Might Want to Rethink
that Grain-Free Diet
Dissatisfied with certain aspects of the industrial, highly processed food system, some people are turning to earlier models of eating centered on wholesome foods and ingredients. But embracing traditional diets means embracing a diet with more whole grains, not fewer. Misguided dieters who avoid this nutritious, sustainable food group are putting themselves at risk of not only nutrient deficiencies, but possibly chronic disease and weight problems as well.

Using national health survey data from 9,341 adults in Australia, researchers found that people avoiding core grain foods were significantly more likely to be overweight or obese than those who eat grains, despite consuming fewer calories than grain eaters. Grain avoiders also ate fewer fruits, vegetables and less fiber. After adjusting for age, sex, and calorie intake, avoiding grains was also linked with a higher BMI and waist size. Part of this could be attributed to whole grains’ beneficial effect on metabolism and the gut microbiome.
What is Teff? Watch Our Video to Find Out
Teff is one of the Whole Grains of the Month for November. Watch our quick 1-minute video to learn more about this ancient grain.

Join Us in Rio for the 2020 Whole Grains Council Conference
Learn about whole grains in the beautiful, sunny city of Rio de Janeiro, and experience the rapidly growing whole grain market firsthand. In line with the style of previous Oldways Whole Grains Council conferences, sessions will include research updates on whole grain nutrition, food and wellness trends, whole grain culinary innovations and recipes, marketing strategies, regulatory updates, and proven approaches for getting more people to enjoy more whole grains.
Takeaways from the Northeast Grain Gab
The Whole Grains Council joined individuals from all sectors of the Northeastern grain world, from New England to Canada, at The Northeast Grain Gab earlier last month to participate in a lively discussion on how to ‘connect the dots’ of this burgeoning regional grain economy. 
Whole Grain Recipes for Thanksgiving
Potatoes aren’t the only way to make delicious puréed vegetables – and a tender grain contributes even more taste and nutrition. Add your favorite herbs, some caramelized onions or a pat of butter to this savory millet-and-cauliflower mash.

Recipe courtesy of Robin Asbell
This gluten-free dish is full of fall flavors, and is an elegant companion dish to roast turkey.

Recipe courtesy of the California Wild Rice Advisory Board
If you haven't made our staff-favorite pumpkin pie yet, what are you waiting for? This easy pumpkin pie recipe has a great whole wheat crust you can use with any other pie, and a light and lovely filling that would be a shame to enjoy only once a year at Thanksgiving.

An Oldways recipe