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May 20, 2021
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What to Expect for Parking & Seating
Sunday Reading:
This week our reading is Acts 2:1-21
Worship Schedule Change Coming Soon!
Summer's coming and we've got some exciting shifts coming up at Christ the King. After the congregational vote at our 2021 Annual Meeting to shift to one service on Sunday and one service on Wednesdays during the summer, we're moving ahead with a pandemic modified version of that plan. Here's a rundown of what you can expect this summer at Christ the King, starting Memorial Day weekend:
  • Every Sunday Morning we'll continue to offer a virtual worship service at 9:15am, with communion offered on the 4th Sundays.
  • Every Wednesday Evening we'll offer an outdoor, in-person worship service in our parking lot at 6:30pm. This worship service will offer some new, creative ways of worshiping together, with a full communion service offered on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

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BYG Reminder
Our last Beginner's Youth Group meet up will be Friday, May 21st for this school year. Join us live and in person for fun and games at 6:30pm in the CtK parking lot. If it happens to rain we will head inside.
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A New Way to Give!
Oh technology... It just keeps getting easier for us! Here is a great link to help you with your giving. If you have any questions please contact Aubrey
In Case you Missed it
Stewarding Creation at Christ the King
The spring has arrived and you might notice that the grounds at Christ the King are covered with the radiant yellow glow of dandelions. Though these pesky, unwanted weeds make our lawn look not-so-nice, the truth is...we still have a responsibility to care for them.

Did you know that dandelions provide nectar and pollen for bees? Though dandelions are not considered a first food for bees, the presence of dandelions can still lead to diverse populations of bees in the area. Why are bees so important? Because as pollinators they are responsible for the fertilization of plants which then produce our food. Without diverse populations of bees, and other pollinators, we as humans wouldn't have access to fresh grown foods.

So...though the dandelions on our property may seem unsightly, not treating them with harmful weed killers is an act of creation care that we as a congregation are called to.
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Scrip Available

Remember we have gas and grocery cards available for all your shopping needs. Please contact Aubrey by email or phone to let her know what you would like by Tuesday. Scrip that we have on hand will be ready for you to pick up on Thursday. If we order it we will let you know when it comes in. Pickup would be 8:00-1:00 Mon-Thur. Please bring exact amount as we will not have change on hand.
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