An Important Message from Scott Wheeler
author, producer, former investigative journalist, and
GOP Trust  Executive Director 

Creating the illusion that the Mueller investigation is closing in on President Trump is part of the strategy to bring Trump down. 

The fact that there is no evidence of the so-called "collusion" the Democrats claimed there was doesn't matter, Democrats and the establishment KNEW FROM THE BEGINNING that Clinton was the one who "colluded." And the reason it doesn't matter is because Democrats live on LIES. 

Facts do not matter -- it is the illusion of corruption that Democrats and the establishment are selling to low information voters and those who can't tell the difference between truth and lies. This will work unless we play their game better. And remember, we can beat their lies with truth if EVERYONE helps out

That means making them pay for every accusation against President Trump. The only thing elected Democrats and their establishment backers care about is power. We must become a greater threat to their power by exposing their corruption -- and everytime they attack the president we expose them more and thus threaten their ability to get reelected. 

Democrats want to make fake political corruption the theme of their attacks on President Trump -- we have to make their real corruption the focus of the nation.

In other words, the only way to stop them is to make them pay for what they are doing. Show proof that their corruption is far greater and threatening than anything they are accusing President Trump of. 

We have to make this stick to Democrats by making this part of every political conversation. This is a big job and unfortunately we are the only group that understands this strategy -- but with your help we can succeed. 

We reported to you yesterday that the Democrats plan is to bring impeachment charges against President Trump in the House of Representatives and with the help of their media allies make it seem true. Then Republicans who refuse to vote for impeachment will look like they are aiding and abetting. 

It is going to take more resources than we have been able to raise so far. Many of you have repeatedly helped out and your efforts have kept us in the fight, now it is time for others to join in and help our investigations and public exposure of the corrupt establishment and their Democrat and media allies or their plan will work. 

Please do what you can to help...

Democrats are coming out firing and they will be ready when January gets here and they takeover power in the House of Representatives. We must have more dossiers on them to push back against their coming attacks. 

Please do not wait, we will be filing more reports if you can help. 

Yours in Liberty,

Scott L. Wheeler
Executive Director

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