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I am thrilled to give you a sneak preview of Renee's campaign commercial.  

You Can Count on Renee
You Can Count on Renee

 As a member of a future Liberal government you can count on Renee to deliver investments focused on Canadian Families, like Family Care, Health care, Pensions and Learning.   


Canadians are yearning for a dynamic, progressive and compassionate government in Ottawa . We need Renee in parliament to restore ethics, put Canada back on track and you in the driver's seat.

 There are many more exciting announcements to come in the days and weeks ahead so please stay tuned and get involved.




Shawn Kalbhenn,

Campaign Manager, Renee Hetherington Campaign

You can count on Renee!

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Liberal Party of Canada

2011 Biennial Convention

June 17-19th, 2011

Ottawa Convention Centre

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