December 2018
We wish all of you a very happy Holiday season and a wonderful New Year from all of us at the Duke of Edinburgh's Award - Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut
I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.
Maya Angelou
The Highlights
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SUITE #560, 1201 5 th  Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0Y6
ORB - We are going Paperless
The Online Record Book (ORB) is a web platform that allows participants to record their activities and submit their Awards. It also allows Award Leaders to monitor participants’ progress and approve submitted Awards.
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Unique, tuition-free wilderness science expeditions for young women

Inspiring Girls Expeditions interweaves science, art, and backcountry travel to inspire future leadership, curiosity, confidence, and success.
About Company Program:
The corner stone of Junior Achievement, the JA Company Program is an after-school program that has groups of students in grades 8-12 working together to operate their own business venture.
The program allows students to take ownership of their success by giving them the resources necessary to run their business. Companies identify and create a product-based business using market research, elect an executive team, fabricate and sell their product; and close their business over the span of 18 weeks with the help of business advisors.
You will gain skills that can be used in any career! This program is open to anyone, not only students interested in business.
Benefits include:
  • Over $25,000 in scholarships awarded every year.
  • Opportunity to earn credits towards your High School diploma.
  • Life-long friendships and memories.
  • Learn the frameworks of a business and the skills needed in departments such as: Human Resources, Information Technology, Production, Marketing and Finance.
  • A great resume addition.
Public speaking; computing; web design; financial matters; design; construction; leadership; teamwork; communication; collaboration; writing; presentation; among many others
For further information or if you have any questions, please contact Morgan Zinck, Program Manager
w. 780.428.1421 ext. 230 |

Calgary contacts: 
Hanna Watson
Director, Programs
Kristen Hall
Coordinator, High School Programs
403.781.2575 |
Volunteer as Snow Angel
Keeping our sidewalks free of snow and ice is critical in keeping Albertans moving safely and enjoying winter.

Shoveling can be difficult, and even dangerous, for many citizens -- especially those with limited mobility or certain health conditions.
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