Parking restrictions to be lifted at 3:00pm today
Snow Emergency Update

The City of Kingston declared a snow emergency on Thursday, January 4th. That snow emergency and the related parking restrictions remains in effect until 3:00pm today, Friday, January 5th. Vehicles may only be parked in an off-street location or on the odd side of the street until 3:00pm when the parking restrictions are lifted.  The odd side is determined by the house numbers on the street. 

Vehicles not in compliance with these parking restrictions may be ticketed and towed. 

You must adhere to these parking restrictions and move your vehicle, regardless of whether or not the weather has improved or the street looks clear. 

For individuals who believe they were wrongly issued a parking ticket, the City of Kingston does have an appeals process. You can begin this process at:  https://www.parkingticketpayment.com/kingston/    If you do not have internet access, you may come to City Hall, located at 420 Broadway, and use the kiosk located in the Comptroller's Office. If needed, staff are available to assist you.

Please be aware that municipal lots may be posted today and/or over the weekend and temporarily closed in order for DPW to clear them.

Your cooperation during snow emergencies is both greatly appreciated and necessary in order for us to be successful in our joint efforts of ensuring safety and accessibility on our City streets.
Steven T. Noble, Mayor | City of Kingston | 845.334.3902 | newsletter@kingston-ny.gov |
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