This season, Lake Tahoe has been through a cycle of intense storms followed by slushy, too-balmy blue bird weeks. Riding the winter weather rollercoaster is nothing new. But less overall snow, steadily warming temperatures and a snowline that is creeping higher and higher does keep us up at night. So, what actions can we take to save our snow?
Our friends at the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center created this campaign to reveal alarming trends in the Sierra snow, and to lay out a menu of actions that you can take to save our snow.
The League is pushing ahead to ensure Tahoe's environment is prepared for the impacts of a changing climate. We focus on advancing ecosystem restoration – of forests, meadows, marshes, and streams to undo damage from old development, revitalize important ecosystem functions, and enable Tahoe to withstand all sorts of weather whiplash, from intense storms to drought and wildfire.
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The more chaotic the weather becomes, the more important it is for Lake Tahoe to be healthy and resilient, so it can weather the storms.
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