Tennis for this week as our times will change as the heat drops.

Tuesday morning regular Clinic 7:30-9am
Tuesday & Thursday evenings 6:30-8pm our first evening sessions of the fall. These are private clinics but anyone can join.
Saturday 7-8:30am regular Clinic
Sunday 6:30-8 private clinic which anyone can join.
I’m available for private time with anyone at your convenience. Just let me know what works for you.

Chris Langdon
Owner & Director ATGA
(Just reply to this email to get signed up for your private time or just to ask a question)
ATGA & Chris Langdon has added a 5th Element to our teaching philosophy:



Through my research & hundreds of hours teaching plus using new concepts like the Head Tennis Sensor.
I have new information that we will be introducing. Keep your eyes open for some of our new Clinics, Camps & Private sessions! Let’s move you up a level or two!