Ahhh...the sweetness of summertime!

In spite of the craziness of dealing with a pandemic,we hope you have taken time to enjoy your family and soak in the sun.

The summer of 2020 provides us a unique opportunity to reflect on our busy lives and determine what is really important to us.
Relationships are fundamental to a positive life as a human, aren't they? While you and the Snowflakes team will not become close friends, we do hope that you will experience people who care about you. We are committed to helping you be successful in your embryo placement or adoption. We are here to help you as necessary as your Snowflake children grow and thrive.
Keeping your Marriage a Priority
The adoption journey can be challenging for you and your spouse. Endless stacks of paperwork. Lots of personal questions. Waiting for a match. Considering your relationship with your matched family. The anticipation of pregnancy.

And this is all happening at a time when you need each other’s support the most.

Communicating clearly with each other lets you both take positive and preventable actions to preserve your marriage. We made a list of small practices to put into action, so you can keep your marriage strong through the adoption process.
The power of story is incredible.

We know that YOUR voice and YOUR story are the most compelling ways to spread the good word
about Snowflakes embryo adoption.
Keep celebrating your story with friends and family. How about sending us a short video story?

info@Snowflakes.org | 970-663-6799
When Doors Close and Windows Open

During CoVid 19, many of us have experienced closing doors and opening windows. Thankfully, the Snowflakes Program seems to be an open window for many families who may have run into closed doors - much like this story:

Travis and Annette both dreamed of having a big family someday but knew the only way they would be able to was through adoption.Travis had leukemia when he was a child and after eight years of extensive and grueling treatment he beat the disease, but it left him unable to have children. When they were ready to start a family, they decided to adopt internationally from Guatemala. Their first child, Cornelius, was adopted in February 2007. Sadly, when they wanted to bring home a second child, Guatemala had closed its doors to international adoptions. They decided to look more extensively into other forms of adoption, including embryo adoption.

June Babies - Summertime Snowflakes!

This month we welcome 6 new Snowflakes babies.


T and G welcomed their daughter, Pria #733
D and L welcomed their son, Luke #734
N and K welcomed their son, Archer #735
K and J welcomed their son, Milo #736
A and I welcomed their son, Luca #737
J and K welcomed their daughter, Lyla #738
Mom made Pria a special sweet-dreams hat.
Luke has visions of riding an elephant in his future.
Archer is very handsome in his color-coordinated layette.
Milo loves hanging out on dad's lap, being admired.
Luca, Luca, Luca. So many cuddles, so much love.
Lyla's parents are so in love - "She's a life-changer!"
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Thanks for supporting the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program.