Snowflakes Program Update 
August 2019


Are you ready to get regular updates from the Snowflakes program? We want to celebrate you! We're going to keep this monthly newsletter simple: a family story, a blog and birth announcements. 

Whether you are brand new to this journey, anticipating the shipment of your embryos, placing embryos with an adopter, pregnant and waiting, or well into your Snowflakes parenting years, we hope this update will be a blessing, and remind you of each miracle. Enjoy. 

A Journey of Trust and Faithfulness

January 5, 2004 was the day our family's journey began.

We were young (only 19) and in love and we knew that we wanted to start our family right away. Adoption was part of the heartbeat of who we were from the very beginning and we knew it would play a big role in our family in the future. After considering adoption initially, and not being approved due to our age,  we decided to pursue starting our family through natural means. 

However, as the years went on, we were still unable to grow our family and we had to really evaluate God's plans. It took some time, but after a few years we realized God had something different in store...  

How to tell your Snowflakes adoption story

Adoptive parents are often anxious about how to talk to their adopted child about his or her adoption story. Even if parents have been very intentional to always speak of adoption in a positive light, there's always a nagging worry in the back of their minds: Are we talking about adoption too often or too little? Are we sharing enough details? Or not enough? How do we know if we're saying the right things?

Rejoice with our families who have welcomed more Snowflakes babies into the world!

Three families brought home Snowflakes babies in July 2019, each unique, each a gift of life, love and joy. We're especially happy for these moms who endured their 3rd trimester during the hot months of the year!

D and R  welcomed their son James, #657
M and S  welcomed their daughter Lauren, #658
A and K  welcomed their son Andrew, #659

Newest Snowflakes pictures:

M and S's daughter Lauren had her first photo-shoot

James was welcomed by his proud parents D and R, along with his big sister who is also a Snowflakes baby

Congrats to our Snowflakes adopting parents and their placing families who gave them the wonderful gift of parenthood.
Thank you for reading this first edition of our new monthly Snowflakes Family Newsletter. We're excited to see what new stories God will bring our way each month AND babies who are no longer in frozen storage! 

Thanks for your continued support and love for Snowflakes and Nightlight Christian Adoptions.


Your Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Team

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