A Flurry of Snowflakes in Early Autumn

Many of you have responded positively to this new monthly Snowflakes Newsletter.  Thank you for reading.

Maternity wards around the country were busy welcoming 11 new Snowflakes babies into their loving family's arms. Thank you placing parents!  Thank you adopting parents! Because of you these babies have been born.
This newsletter is meant to be a quick and inspirational read. A family story. An informational blog post. A celebration of new life. 

Our best secret weapon for growing the Snowflakes program is you. Talking about Snowflakes with your friends and family may be the easiest way to reveal the exciting option of embryo adoption. It could be an "ah-ha" moment for the person with remaining embryos. It could be the "I can give birth to my adopted child" moment for the person who has tried everything else. 

Thank you for sharing...
The Beauty of a Snowflake

The day we were diagnosed with infertility (and given very few fertility options) was such a dark day for us. In an instant, our dreams of becoming parents to genetic children vanished, and we felt so overwhelmed with that loss. While we were heartbroken and frustrated that we were given so few options, we see now how God was preparing our hearts for the family He had always intended for us.

Common Concerns with Embryo Adoption

November is National Adoption Month! Embryo adoption is a unique option which can help families experience the joys and challenges of pregnancy and childbirth. But with any adoption program, you may have some concerns about the process, especially if you have never heard about embryo adoption before. We have listed some common concerns we have heard many times before which can hopefully put you at ease as you consider this adoption path!

Celebrate with families who have welcomed the newest Snowflakes into the world!

We are so excited for all 9 of the families that joyfully brought home 11 Snowflakes babies in October 2019! Each child is a miracle.

W and J welcomed twins Benett and Serina, #675 and #676
J and A welcomed their son Judah, #677
T and C welcomed their son Ethan, #678
J and E welcomed their son Ian , #679
C and M welcomed their Daughter Elvera, #680
B and M welcomed twins, Caleb and Jacob, #681 and #682
D and S welcomed their daughter Emma, #683
J and M welcomed their 2nd Snowflakes daughter  Meredith, #684
B and S welcomed their 2nd Snowflakes son Knox, #685

Newest Snowflakes pictures:

Sweet little Knox was welcomed by his parents and older Snowflakes brother

Precious Meredith is welcomed by both her parents and her older Snowflakes sister

Judah was welcomed by his excited parents, and his new older sister

Emma is enjoying a power nap and is looking cute in all her pinks!

Elvera is all bundled up, and enjoying snuggles from her thrilled parents

Congrats to our excited Snowflakes parents and the placing families who blessed each family with these wonderful  gifts of life!

Thank you for reading our monthly Snowflakes Family Newsletter. We're excited to see what new stories God will bring our way each month AND babies who are no longer in frozen storage! 
Thanks for your continued support and love for Snowflakes and Nightlight Christian Adoptions.


The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Team

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