What's 'normal' in the Snowflakes Program? 

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For many of us September means a return to a 'normal' routine after a busy summer.

We thought you might find it interesting to learn about what's happening during a typical month in the Snowflakes program. We usually have about 130-150 people calling to inquire about either placing or adopting embryos. At any given time we have about 350 people actively moving through various phases of the program. Did you know there are only 8 people on the Snowflakes team?

We're excited to report that 45 families are currently pregnant.  Some are due in 2019 and some in 2020.  We expect (pun intended) to welcome Snowflakes baby 700 before year-end.
If you are new to our monthly newsletter, welcome! We like to take a little time each month to celebrate each new miracle that is born, and share a family story, and one of our newest blog posts. We hope you enjoy it!
We get it. You're not alone.

Infertility was not on either of our radars when in the fall of 2016 we received confirmation: I have a low sperm count. We were stunned by the number-

6 sperm, so specific!

and dismayed when months of treatment didn't do much. (For those keeping score at home, we jumped from 6 sperm to 7. Wahoo.)

The worst of it was the feeling of isolation. What God had next for us we could have never planned...

Dear Remaining Embryos...

The day we learned there were 14 of you, we instantly knew our story of hope wasn't just for us. You have been frozen now for almost 3 years. Sometimes my infertility feels like a distant memory and other times the pain and anguish of an empty womb floods my heart like it was just yesterday. My body went through a lot just in hopes that God would give me one of you. So when the doctor called to tell us there were 14 of you, we were in shock.

Celebrate with families who have welcomed the newest Snowflakes into the world!

We are so excited for each of the five families that brought home Snowflakes babies in August 2019! each one is a joy to everyone who gets to meet them.

N and M welcomed their son Daniel, #660
N and J welcomed their son Benjamin, #661
J and R welcomed twins, Adella and Jackson, #662 and #663
T and J welcomed their daughter Elianah, #664
B and C welcomed their son Owen, #665

Newest Snowflakes pictures:

Judah (#640) and Macey (#641) were born at 26 weeks in April 2019. They recently had their first photo-shoot!

Elianah (#664) is looking precious while getting her beauty sleep.

Daniel (#660) was joyfully welcomed by his family and Peter Rabbit.

Benjamin (#661) is soaking up lots of cuddles with his ecstatic parents.

Can't you just hear baby Owen (#665) coo and sigh while he catches a few zzzzz's?

Congrats to our excited Snowflakes parents and the placing families who blessed each family with these adorable  gifts of life!

Thank you for reading our monthly Snowflakes Family Newsletter. We're excited to see what new stories God will bring our way each month AND babies who are no longer in frozen storage! 
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The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Team

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