March 2015

Dear Educators,

Living in Washington, it's easy to believe that we have an abundant supply of clean and plentiful water. However, the scary truth is that our water supply is dwindling faster than we can use it. We've all noticed the  snow on Mount Baker this season has been anything but plentiful. With local businesses closing their doors permanently and much of Washington falling well below 50% of the normal snowpack, it's time to plan for a reduced water supply now, before shortages increase.

Now, more than ever, is the time to teach our children to safeguard our precious water resources. Together, we can teach the leaders of tomorrow the skills they need to tend for this every changing world.

Join us in being proactive and host a Water Conservation Workshop today.

In Kindness,

Haley Mountain, Green Classroom Coordinator

To learn more about teaching conservation and adaption skills in your classrooms, visit our Green Classroom page.

Kids in Action - learning about waste

It was quite a squirmy morning for all the Kendall 1st graders last week when we helped them complete their Green Classroom Action Project - building a worm compost bin. With the help of our friends Beth and Amberose from Washington State University - Whatcom County Extension, the students received a hands-on introduction to their newest classroom residents, a pound of red wigglers. 

Interested in creating a worm bin for your classroom? Contact us today to get started or learn more about creating a personal worm compost bin from WSU Whatcom County Extension.

Master Composter/Recycler Course
Course scheduled every Wednesday, April 22 - May 20
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Registration is $100
Materials Provided

Want to learn how to turn your waste into gold for your garden? Or help others learn? Become a Master Composter. WSU Whatcom County Extension is hosting a hands-on course about composting and soil building. Participants will build their own home composting system, tour County compost/recycling operations, and become "Master" volunteers who can share their composting skills with others. For more information and to inquire about scholarships,  email Amberose Kelley or call 360.676.6736 ext 7.

NSEA Spring Work Party
Saturday, March 14th
9:00 AM-12:00 PM
Smith Creek, 5551 Finrud Road, Everson ( map)
Coffee and Snacks Provided

Come and help NSEA plant native species, remove invasive plants, and pick up litter along Smith Creek in their continuing effort to improve wild salmon habitat in Whatcom County. Can't make it this week? NSEA will be hosting work parties every Saturday in March and most Saturdays this spring - see their website for more dates and locations.

WSU Extension - Whatcom County Garden Grants
Deadline to Apply - March 20

Are you or someone you know involved in a community garden?  In its eighth year, the WSUE Community First Garden Project will once again offer small grants to community gardens in Whatcom County.  Community gardens are growing and thriving in our county and WSUE is in full support of this growth. Not only do we provide funding support but also education, planning, mentoring, tours , workshops and advocacy to improve food access and build community.  For details on the program and applications visit their webpage.

Green Classroom FAQs faq

Q: We've completed our project, where do we go from here?


A: Great, you're almost ready for certification. The only thing standing between you and your certification is this quick evaluation form. The 5 minutes you spend on this will allow you to share what you and your students accomplished throughout the program. Plus, it'll help us in the Sustainable Schools team extend our program and funding while continuing to provide engaging and relevant workshops for future classrooms. Oh, and don't forget, we'd love to have pictures of you and your students completing the action project or participating in your classroom pledge. Send pictures to the Green Classroom Coordinator at


Don't see the answer you're looking for? See all our past FAQs or send us an email to add your question to our next newsletter.



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