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March 2009
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     It always surprises me how often our clients and prospective clients - especially the latter - struggle with taking the first meaningful steps to solve a business problem at hand.  It's as though well informed people "get stuck" while getting started.  I've concluded that this is a normal human trait associated with being too close to the problem and perhaps having too much personally at stake in a workable solution.  I drop some hints for getting "unstuck", specifically in matters dealing with business development.
Happy Anniversary, Trilogy!But before we get to that, it's time for some self-congratulation.  March 17, 2009 will mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of Trilogy Associates - by yours truly.  I feel pretty good about that.  The firm has survived and, after a few rocky years early on, prospered.  (Special thanks to those who helped me at the start; you know who you are.)  Of course, very special thanks to our clients - over 50 of them - and to my talented, dedicated associates and affiliates.  We're still going strong, and you can expect great things to come.  I hasten to add that those who actually hire us will obtain the greatest future benefit!
     Carry on, and remember: Refuse to participate in the recession!



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A Business Development Roadmap 

     Have you ever felt that a business problem just seems too complex and maybe too difficult to tackle?  Me too.  Many such problems have so many dimensions that it's hard to know where to start.  You feel that if you don't start with exactly the right initial activity, the right team of people or the right approach, you'll get off on the wrong track and won't get to the "right" solution to the problem - or you will take too long and waste resources getting there.  I'm now convinced that these initial concerns are usually unwarranted.  It's best to just start doing something, almost anything, to get going.
Business Development RoadmapHaving said that, you must admit it's a good idea to start with some useful, high-leverage first steps.  I thought about that in the context of our business development practice and came up with a checklist that you may find helpful.  (I like checklists.)  This list addresses some very common business development problems, suggests some good first steps to take and some resources that should prove applicable to a solution.  I do not pretend that this one-page tool is in any way a comprehensive prescription for any of the problems cited, but it does suggest some key initial steps and resources that I've found useful over the course of many consulting engagements.  By the way, if we're talking about a yes/no business decision, taking these key first steps is a good way to reach a quick "no" decision without tying yourself up in knots and wasting money over-analyzing the situation.
     See my Business Development Roadmap here.
Medical Technology Markets in 2009
Medtech MarketsI attended a webcast produced by MX magazine that analyzes seven important medtech markets.  Although the presentation necessarily provides a 10,000-foot view of each market, it's quite good.  If you think it might be useful in your work, just let me know and I'll email you a copy.  Or you can sit through a 90-minute archived webcast of this material after registering.
Resources from our Archives 
     Check out our Reading Room to view my published articles, presentations and white papers on a variety of topics.
     And, you can examine an archive of my prior newsletters (since February 2007).
What does Trilogy do? 
     Trilogy Associates facilitates business growth and renewal through commercialization of new products, providing the following services:
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Business planning and enterprise growth strategies
  • New-product conceptualization, commercialization and marketing
  • Market research and competitive assessment
  • Business development and partnering
  • Market and technological due diligence
  • Assessment of the therapeutic and diagnostic potential of novel technologies
  • Design of efficient and effective development strategies for early-stage biomedical products
  • Business and technical writing/publishing

     Inquiries to establish whether and how we might support your business initiatives are always welcome.  Contact us.

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