At this time of giving thanks, we are deeply grateful to all volunteers, partners, and friends of YPIE for continuing to show up for our students and ensure that our students know that YPIE is here to support them in every way.

Even though it is getting darker earlier, our YPIE students have been a source of light and hope as we look toward the future. See some of our recent highlights below.

"There's nothing quite like Common App confetti!!!"
--Doris,YPIE College Advisor

We could not be more proud of our YPIE Seniors who have not missed a beat on their path to college this fall!

From joining in on virtual college information sessions to writing personal essays and completing financial aid applications, we are so inspired by the dedication and tenacity of our YPIE students during these unprecedented times.

Justine, Joslyn, Maria, Nicolas, Karen, Fatima, and so many others submitted an early application by November 1st. See where they have applied!

"My experience at YPIE Tech Squad has been phenomenal...nothing brings me more pleasure than being able to assist my clients. Helping them has made me more empathetic and patient."
--Shemar, YPIE Senior Tech Specialist

The YPIE Tech Squad, one of our YPIE Majors, is a talented group of YPIE Scholars who provide technical assistance to seniors and retired individuals in our community in partnership with Yonkers Office for the Aging and NNORC.

With their help, many Yonkers seniors are staying connected with their families during this time that otherwise could feel very lonely. The YPIE Tech Squad is also providing support for YPIE students and their families, and YPIE Volunteers.

Volunteers from Regeneron gathered virtually with YPIE Science Research Scholars to share their experiences and answer questions about pursuing a career in science research during their annual “Regeneron Day for Doing Good.”

Our thanks to Regeneron for their generous support of YPIE and to all the volunteers who shared their passion for science and wisdom with our YPIE students!

“Hearing all of you, it makes me feel more hopeful for our future generation, to see how far we are going to go to create change and to be the necessary change that we all hope for.”
--Jose, YPIE Alum

On October 27th, YPIE hosted an inspirational dialogue among Yonkers high school and college students sharing their honest perspectives on living life in a pandemic, education and equity, and what makes them hopeful for the future.

"YPIE makes sure that every student has the access and assistance needed to strive for and reach their dreams.”
--Stacy, YPIE Volunteer

YPIE has one of the largest volunteer communities in the county with more than 240 volunteers serving as incredible mentors and role models to our students.

We are thrilled to welcome our new YPIE Graduation Coaches who will develop strong bonds as part of their Scholar's high school journey through 12th grade.

We are now recruiting new volunteers for our incoming 9th grade class.

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