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The Biggest Party for The Truest Heart  
Author Jayne Sbarboro and illustrator Wendy Leach were on hand for
the biggest book launch party of the year!   
Book Launch Event Fills Store

When Bookie Jayne Sbarboro announced she was writing a book for children and the pressures of bullying, everyone who knew her knew that sounded perfect. When she let The Bookies know that there was only one place she wanted to launch her book, once it was finished, we knew that sounded perfect, too.

Last Sunday night, all assumptions were proven correct when Jayne, with special guest Wendy Leach (the illustrator of
The Truest Heart) packed the store from front to back with friends, family, and fans.

"I don't think I've ever seen the store this full," one employee commented.

The eager group was rewarded with a discussion on the creative process, including what went into writing the book and how Jayne gave life to her heroine, Ze, and how Wendy created the brilliant artwork.

By the time the event ended, Jayne and Wendy had signed over 150 copies of the book. Everyone left happy with their copies and thrilled about this exciting beginning for
The Truest Heart.

If you missed out on the event, don't worry! We've still got plenty of copies, both in paperback and hardcover. To buy one, you can come into the store today or

Fresh Ink
New hardback, new paperback, and all sorts of stories for the oldest of readers to the newest of page turners. 

Lynn Vincent & Sara Vladic
Most of us first heard of the tragic ending to the USS Indianapolis in the film Jaws, but the story of its final mission and subsequent sinking is much more complicated and unbelievably compelling. 

Adult Fiction
Anne Tyler
This story of how the mundane can be extraordinary may eclipse Tyler's previous work, which won a Pulitzer Prize. Willa Drake's life is changed repeatedly and dramatically, but the biggest change comes when she suddenly finds herself across the country, raising a family that isn't her own.

Adult Fiction
Jason Heller
Readers who love the '70s, rock and roll, David Bowie, and literature that sings will enjoy this novel by Denver writer Heller. It's part sci-fi, part rock opera, part historic fiction, and all unique. Praise for Heller's work includes a feature on the cover of Denver's Westword magazine and a national book tour.  

Young Adult Fiction
Emily France
From another Colorado author, this is a love letter to Boulder, the state of Colorado, and family ties. This young woman's journey into our wonderful state invites the reader on an adventure to save someone she loves.  

Preston Norton
A very unique tale of bullying, redemption, high school, and the hidden meanings behind every action. Cliff Hubbard, also called Neanderthal, is roped into helping the boy he hates most as they attempt to fix their school after one of them nearly dies.

Middle Grade Fiction
Cindy Baldwin
A story of magic, love, family, honey, and fruit. Our heroine Dalla Kelly is trying to heal her mother, help her father save the farm, and also live her life as a normal kid. For those who love books like
Because of Winn-Dixie.

Ages 6-10
Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton
The seventh volume in the best-selling slapstick series is the biggest one yet. Filled with the silliness that fans of books like Captain Underpants have come to love, this time the kids are taking care of some grandchildren and, of course, gross-out shenanigans ensue.


Ages 5-8
Adam Rex 
If you think the answer to the question this title poses is No, you've got another thing coming. What makes the scariest villain in the history of all science fiction, fantasies, and space operas afraid? You have to read to find out.  


Ages 4-8
Michael Ian Black & Debbie Ohi
Movie star and comedian Michael Ian Black delivers a touching book about the importance of talking about our feelings and letting them occur. Cute, well-drawn, and featuring an important message: it's okay to be sad sometimes.


Ages 4-8
Arree Chung 
A simple story of how things can get better when they're combined. Colors interact and make new colors, which create vibrant new experiences for the world at large. A very fun book with a subtle depth.

Frankenstein's 200th Birthday Party!

Join us for a special storytime and birthday bash for the man (men?) who started it all as we celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein! Tuesday, July 31st, 10:30am-11:30am. RSVP HERE!   

Carol McCloud Filled All of Our Buckets

Thank you to everyone who joined us and got their buckets filled by Carol McCloud at our special event. You can still purchase signed copies of her latest books HERE !

Happy Birthday Colorado Sale!

Did you know that Colorado became the 38th state on August 1, 1876? That means we're turning 142 years young! To celebrate our state's glorious birthday, we're having a one-week sale on all Colorado books! From July 28th until August 4th, all our Colorado fiction and non-fiction is 25% off! Hurry in before we blow out all the candles!

What's Coming Up at The Bookies?
As you can see below, we have a ton of fun events coming in August! Click anywhere in the picture to go to our Events Calendar on our website or check our Facebook page to RSVP.