April 2022
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Siobhan Riley
Alumni for Education
Siobhan Riley says she is “a living witness of what can happen if you keep going despite setbacks, roadblocks, rejections, and disappointments.”

Riley graduated from Northwest Guilford High School; she said school was always a challenge. “When I was in the sixth grade, I struggled in English and writing. So much so, that I was taken out of my English class with students who were considered advanced and placed into a class with students who were told that their reading comprehension was not on a high level,” said Riley. “I could have given up but instead I was determined to work hard to both master reading comprehension and ultimately read more books than anyone in class.”

Facing that challenge head on, Riley saw a change begin to happen. “By the time I got to high school, my weakness became my greatest strength," she remembers.

Today, Riley is working as an anchor/ reporter with Spectrum News 1 in Raleigh. “Reaching this point in my career came with a lot of rejections, roadblocks, and setbacks, but with a lot of faith in the fact that setbacks are just a setup for where God is taking you, as well as perseverance and determination, I am right where I feel I was being led,”