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June 3, 2018
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It's National Handwriting Day!
Celebrate National Handwriting Day by raising awareness of dysgraphia! Talk to your school about accommodations for children with dysgraphia and suggest that they visit IDA's website to learn more.

Share the Experience with a Friend

Try this new, fun way to share the TeamQuest experience with a friend! Sign up with a friend and share the fundraising goal, online fundraising page, and hotel accommodation perks. Together, Heather Caska and Karina Kadhi enjoyed training, fundraising, and exceeding their shared goal of $2,800! 

Email us at teamquest@dyslexiaida.org to get started.

Runner Raises Dyslexia Awareness across the Globe
Jared Blank heads to Cape Town, South Africa, on January 28th to begin his World Marathon Challenge. He will fly from Cape Town to Novo, Antarctica, where he will run the first of his seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. Good luck Jared!

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