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 A Personal Note from Cheryl
May 25, 2012
Cheryl with Minnie & Delilah
Tracy gave me this beautiful painting shortly after Minnie passed away in 2009
(Portrait by Ashley McKenzie-Barnes)

 Hello ... long time no see. 

I will start off by expressing my apologies that I fell out out touch with you.  I dearly love keeping in touch, however, the last couple of months have been quite challenging.  As many of you know, Delilah passed away on March 11th.  Her passing has been one of the hardest situations I have had to encounter. I have lost pets before, and while all of them were very special to me, this time was very different, and very, very difficult.

I have been fortunate to have been graced with many pets in my life, and the added fortune of longevity with many of them.  When I started Holiday Pet Care, 14 years ago, I had 3 cats and 2 dogs (which quickly grew, being involved in rescue work, to include 5 cats, 4 dogs, fish, birds and reptiles).   Delilah was the last - the youngest of all my pets.   Over the years I have witnessed the passing of Tiki, a Pug, at age 19; Alexis, a Torbie cat; Neptune, a black Shepherd mix, at the age of 16; Crystal, a white DSH cat, at the age of 16; Sarah, a Siamese, at the age of 16; Minnie, a Beagle/Border Collie mix at the age of 17, and now Delilah, a Staffordshire Terrier, at the age of 14.

Delilah was born the year Holiday Pet Care began in 1998.  Although I was not to meet her until 2 years later, I have come to see her as my companion in business.  She, much like myself, is a teacher.  She was born as a 'pitbull', a breed that is often misunderstood, and she grew into being described by many as an ambassador to her breedShe helped so many people get it, just how ridiculous breed-specific bans really are!

Delilah had been my official assistant, and demo dog in my classes, since DogGuru started in 2007.  She was such an amazing assistant, that she made my job of teaching, even easier. Throughout our time together, she helped to teach so many people about pets and their well-being.   

Delilah has also been my teacher.  She taught me to "Love and approve of myself. Create sweetness and joy in my life. To enjoy life!"   Delilah lived and loved in every moment.  She always greeted you with (in Tracy's words) "her crazy, happy whip tail and her Mick Jagger tongue".  I may be a dog trainer, but I never had the desire to train the adventurous nature out of her.  Her joy was to chase squirrels (even though, in 14 years, she never caught one) she remained eager to get the most out of every moment. Sometimes that simply meant, sleeping in the sun, or rolling in the grass!  I loved that about her!  

I came across a quote in my personal journal, that I have since included in my thank-you note to the Vets who helped keep Delilah with us for so long.  I thought I'd share it with you:

"Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."  ~Albert Einstein~ 
I truly believe that Delilah was here to help.  She was here to challenge all of us to widen our circle of compassion.  She made it easy to love her, yet was not a spirit to be controlled.  She loved being a dog!  

Delilah helped me to clearly understand my passion in life...
- to help people create harmonious lives with their pets.  She helped me to fully embrace the 'allowing' that is necessary to truly enjoy life with animals.  I strongly believe that all beings need to be allowed to be who, and what, they are, and through learning to communicate and understand, we can then create the harmony we desire.  Living with other beings (regardless of species) is not about controlling, nor about coercing them into behaving the way we want them to, but rather, about understanding their needs and communicating our desires.  This is where the magic begins!

I hope that you will ponder the lessons you are being taught by those around you.  Take a few moments to see how you can shift how you see them. Life is indeed short, and it's certainly worth enjoying every moment of it!

I've created a video to share with you.  This is my musical and visual tribute to Delilah.  For me, this was necessary.  It was very cathartic, and healing, and although it seems, and feels, very personal to me, I've chosen to share it with you.  I know will you understand.  Pet Lovers are the most amazing people!

This Week's Holiday Pet Care & DogGuru Video:
Tribute to Delilah: Ambassador and Warrior Princess, 1998-2012
Tribute to Delilah - 1998 to 2012
Tribute to Delilah - 1998-2012
Thank you for being a part of my beautiful community!
 I'm back... so I'll 'see' you in about two weeks.

Cheryl Orletsky, DogGuru

and Founder & Director of Holiday Pet Care


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Client Spotlight  

I would not think of bringing my dog, Kuma, to another pet care center other than Holiday Pet Care. 

Kuma is a two year old Akita who loves to play, which is why Holiday Pet Care is number one for us!

At first, I was a bit skeptical because I had never left Kuma anywhere overnight.

After taking a tour of the facility, I was relieved. I found out that Kuma was allowed to roam around and would be engaged in play with other dogs, and taken outside every couple of hours, which really put me at ease. Other facilities did not allow the pets to go outdoors.

The staff at HPC are great! Now, when I bring Kuma to Holiday Pet Care, he runs to the staff and other dogs while his tail wiggles like crazy. 

I am so thankful that I found Holiday Pet Care because now I can actually relax while on vacation. Holiday Pet Care is the best place to board pets! My dog absolutely loves this facility.

- Chris R -


This Week's Holiday Pet Care & DogGuru Video 
Tribute to Delilah: Ambassador and Warrior Princess,1998-2012       


Thank you for you willingness to join me in this personal tribute to Sweet Delilah.


In a couple weeks, we'll be back to with our usual high-content and fun videos that you have become accustomed to.     


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Tribute to Delilah - 1998-2012
Tribute to Delilah - 1998-2012



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