Class parties provide us with an opportunity to be a part of each other’s lives holistically, not just as teachers and students, but as fellow people who can share culture, food, and laughter. Students take ownership of the class time by each bringing something to share, usually a delicious food that they’ve made themselves.
Additionally, class parties can be fun learning opportunities. This time, our class had been learning simple past tense, so we used the party as an opportunity to practice past tense by sharing recipes. Students prepared their own presentation: “Today, I made _________. First, I mixed/boiled/stirred/etc…”
It was fun to see students asking questions, writing down recipes, and engaging in the hard work of genuine communication in English. We also went around the table and shared what we were thankful for this Thanksgiving. It was heartwarming to hear how many students and volunteers were grateful for Neighborhood Homework House and the opportunity to be with one another.