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Pastor Billy Crone makes a case that the Tribulation Temple is nearly ready to go and this reveals the lateness of the hour. See this stunning DVD-set essay on how the Jews have eagerly prepared for their third temple. Everything is ready! But the Antichrist is not on the scene even though the time of the Tribulation is rising. We highly recommend this 10-DVD/20 lesson teaching.

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In this quick-read book, Dr. Dave Reagan considers the concept, questions, objections, and conclusions concerning the forthcoming event known as the Rapture of the Church. It should solidify your thoughts on the pre-Tribulation Rapture and can be passed on to a skeptic on the topic of the soon departure of the Church. Dr. Reagan also reminds us why the Rapture has relevance to our lives right now!

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Should I Be Concerned About the New World Order?

June 25, 2019

By Jan Markell

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I n 2017 I made a DVD teaching on the rush to the one-world system: The New World Order. Things changed -- and advanced -- so much in two years, that I re-made the DVD a few weeks ago.  

The New World Order is just code for a one-world system. And the plans for this behemoth system are hidden in plain view. It's a five-thousand year scheme. This is not a stealth effort.  

Updated and Revised!

60-minute DVD teaching by Jan Markell
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Hidden in Plain View: The New World Order in Bible Prophecy: NEW & UPDATED SUMMER 2019

Hidden in Plain View: The New World Order in Bible Prophecy: NEW & UPDATED SUMMER 2019

Nimrod was the first globalist and how did the Babylonian system work out?  None of the ensuing efforts will succeed either! But, here are the players.

Where there is an asterisk, this is all-new information:
  • The "useful idiots" of Satan being used to implement the globalist system from secret societies, to the banking cartels, to a dozen United Nations' gimmicks, to the "deep state".**
  • The obstacles to the globalist system: America, Christianity, and Donald Trump.
  • Why turmoil in Europe is playing into the hands of the globalists and their efforts.
  • Why Emmanuel Macron was hand-picked to save Europe -- the current hub of global government.
France's Macron Says he will govern like a Roman emperor
  • How the Rothschild, Weishaupt, Rockefeller, and Soros empires have been the key players.   He who controls the money controls the world.**
  • Why the two primary players are the United Nations and the Council on Foreign Relations. Throw in the Federal Reserve Bank scheme and learn of its key role.**
  • What's the role of Agenda 2030, Agenda 21, Sustainable Development and the Green New Deal**
  • How the "Vicar of the New World Order," Pope Francis, plays into this scenario. He has called for a "single authority" to implement it.**
  • How the billionaire cabal of Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates, Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, Koch,  and more, are pushing for this system. What's in it for them? **
  • How the open borders crowd is gaining strength and speed to hasten a global, no borders, one-world system.**
  • How Mikhail Gorbachev stepped down from power in Russia to dedicate his remaining years to global government.**
  • How the plan is hiding in plain site on the Georgia Guidestones.**
  • Why the "Earth Charter" and "Ark of Hope" are key in this scheme.**
  • How a strange ceremony at the Gotthard Base Tunnel in 2016 was an 8-hour globalist parody celebrated by world leaders!**

Choreographed 8-hour globalist ceremony, June, 2016, celebrated by world leaders at the Gotthard-Base Tunnel.

  • How the entertainment industry has been saturated by the globalists and how singer Celine Dion is their most prominent useful idiot promoting gender-neutral clothing for infants and toddlers. See shocking footage of this scheme. **
  • How even Russia and the Arab world are preparing for the New World Order or one-world system.**
  • How the globalist Arch of Palmyra, a remnant of the Temple of Ba'al, destroyed by ISIS in 2015, plays into this New World Order.**
  • How the environmental agenda is the primary tool being used by the one-worlders today.
  • How the Freemasons, Illuminati, Club of Rome, League of Nations, Bilderbergers, and many more, have been plotting and scheming for global government for centuries.
  • How the global community is expecting, and even longing for a crisis, to implement this plan. While they think it will be economic, environmental, or WWIII, it will ultimately be the Rapture of the Church.
No, the believer does not have to fear the impending globalist system but the obvious nearness of its implementation should remind us that the King is coming any day. This system is ready to be birthed. It's called the Time of Jacob's Trouble, Daniel's 70th Week, or the Tribulation.

And God sits in the Heavens and laughs at these scheming men who haven't been able to make it work since Babylon! (Psalm 2:1-6) God allows them seven ignominious years where the result is hell on earth, because they have left God out of the equation! 

Jesus Christ will install perfect global government. It is called the Millennium.

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