So may appealing colors!
January 22, 2019   
In This Issue
Rhodolite Garnet
Labradorite Rondels
Rose Gold Pearls
Coral Tube Beads
Faceted Blue Spinel
Sleeping Beauty Cabs
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Rhodolite Garnet Octagon

Fine grade with plenty of sparkle!

Labradorite Faceted Rondels 

Best quality 7mm.

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                     See all labradorite beads.                               

Rose Gold Pearls

Beautiful colors, which span from g old, to pink tones. 

Coral Tubes

 Natural coral (Coralliumspecies) tube beads.


 Blue Spinel

Yummy color!

Beautiful natural blue spinel round
Size: 7.8mm
Treatment: none.

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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cabochon

Genuine, natural turquoise from the famed Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona.  Size: 12mm

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