The South Indy QOL Plan is a resident-led vision for our 8 neighborhoods that includes all aspects of life, such as housing, safety, culture, recreation, health care, child care, education, and economic development. There are "so" many ways for you to engage in the quality of life plan. Check out some opportunities below:

SoIndy Community Gardens
The Health & Wellness team had great success engaging neighbors and partners in two community gardens over the past 6 months. The gardens are helping the team address the following strategies of the quality of life plan:
  1. Develop availalble land as a location for urban farming or community gardens.
  2. Reducing food waste in food pantries by utillizing healthy food grown in urban farms, community gardens and home gardens.
  3. Increase individual home gardening in South Indy.
The Bethany Community Garden will be presenting at the People's Food Summit on October 20. In 2018 the garden donated over 330 pounds of produce to food pantries and educated residents on gardening.
The University Heights Community Garden donated about 75 pounds of produce to UIndy faculty, students and neighbors. We will be closing the garden with a celebration on October 19 from 2:00-4:00 with a tasting and horn players performance. All are welcome! The garden is located on Windermire Street just west of University Heights United Methodist Church.
SoIndyFinancial Empowerment and Job Seeking Fair
Do you love where you live?
University Heights Neighbor, Ruth Soper, recently shared the following "Love Where You LIve Principles," excerpted from the book, This Is Where You Belong. The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live , by Melody Warnick
Love Where You Live Principles
1.       Our towns are what we think they are.
2.       Emotion follows behavior; feelings follow action.
3.       If you want to love your town, act like someone who loves your town would act.
4.       When you are happy (and healthy), then you are happy (and healthy) where you live.
5.       If you love your city then you should do what’s good for it.
(Corollary: What’s good for your community is usually good for you).
6.       Relationships with people are what make you feel most at home.
7.       Every town is good at something.  Do what your town is good at.
8.       Put pins in the map.  Happy memories create place attachment. 
9.       When you invest, you feel invested. 
10.    There is no right town for everyone, just the right town for you right now.
11.    Experience joy for as long as you’re there.

Your SoIndy Director's favorite principles are numbers 6 and 9, what are yours? Try investing in relationships by showing up at neighborhood activities and shopping local. The payoff is new friends and a sense of belonging in your community.
Final Opportunity to Comment on the Marion County Land Use Plan
Public Comment Open September 17-October 21, 2018
Provide Feedback at
After months of online, in-person, and stakeholder committee engagement, the final draft map of the Marion County Land Use Plan is open for a final round of public review before heading to the Metropolitan Development Commission for consideration. The final map has been recommended for approval by all nine township-based, appointed Citizen's Advisory Committees.

Final Opportunity to Comment on Indy Moves!
Public Comment Open October 1-22, 2018
Provide Feedback at
Indy Moves connects the city's transportation goals, plans, and projects into an integrated mobility future. A coordinated effort of city departments and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), this action plan aims to improve mobility and access for residents, workers, and visitors, and establish the city's transportation priorities for the next ten years. With over a year of research and review - and a number of community input opportunities - Indy Moves is nearly complete! 
Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) Adopt-a-Block Program
Are you the sort of person who picks up stray scraps of paper when you’re on a walk? Are you the person that would pick up trash if you had a litter grabber?

As a Neighbor, Business or School member,
you could be an adopt-a-block captain!

Looking for something to do?
UIndy has lots of free events. Check out the events HERE .

The Garfield Park Art Center opens its doors to a new tradition this November 2.  
which is celebrated mostly in Mexico, is like a family reunion—except dead ancestors are the guests of honor. Day of the Dead is a joyful time that helps people remember the deceased and celebrate their memory. From 5:30-8:00pm there will be traditional music, dance, crafts, foods, refreshments, and a parade. You are welcome to dress in traditional costume. If you are interested in volunteering contact .
One in three people in our community is a family caregiver for an aging or disabled loved one, and the number of at-home family caregivers is steadily increasing.
SoIndy partner, Joy’s House , located in the University Heights Neighborhood, offers complimentary services and educational opportunities to family caregivers. Learn more HERE .
South Indy Quality of Life Plan