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October 2020 | Vol. 1
Hello Friends,

Welcome to our first October newsletter and the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month aka "BCAM." This is a time to do more -- draw more attention to the cause, provide more support for those who are healing, and to pause longer in remembrance of loved ones.

This month is also an opportunity to take action. Here are a few suggestions:

  • If you've been putting off your mammogram, schedule it now. Find out more about breast health here.

  • If you know someone healing physically or emotionally from the disease, reach out to them in a Covid-safe manner. There are so many ways to provide support.

Speaking of support, this is a big month for HERS! A significant portion of donations are received each October which is critical to keeping our Assistance Programs going.

Whether you're a devoted donor or a first-timer dreaming of a way to give back, we'd like to hear from you! Call (510) 790-1911 or email info@hersbreastcancerfoundation.org.

This month in fundraisers

A number of fundraisers are already under way, including:

  • The Police Departments of Fremont and Alameda, and the East Bay Regional Park District's Public Safety team are raising funds through the Pink Patch Project.

  • The team at Aloft Dublin-Pleasanton has created two specialty cocktails: "Splash of Hope" and "Pink for a Cure." A portion of October sales will benefit HERS.

  • And last but not least, dear donor and longest continually serving volunteer, Lisa Stambaugh, has created a quirky fowl fundraiser (you read that right). We've highlighted her initiative below so read on!

I'll soon share more BCAM updates to our social platforms plus another newsletter or two. Stay safe and well, everyone.

With gratitude,


Tina Fernandez Steckler
Executive Director
Many hands and much love made the difference!
Well, this year's virtual Walk/Run/Yoga Fundraiser is over and wow, what an experience. With your loving support, we reached our fundraising goal! As of today, we've raised $56K net which will benefit our Assistance Programs.

Check out our live event kickoff album, courtesy of Iconic Lab. and again, many thanks to Legacy Sponsor Fremont Bank plus supporters Leonard Ybarra of Music Plus Events, Jim Dempsey, Diane King, Anjali Rao, and Lisa Stambaugh. Please join us in thanking all of our supporters and event partners.

We're mailing finisher medals as quickly as we can and appreciate your patience. While you're waiting, take our event survey! Your feedback is incredibly important to us and will help improve this event.

If you'd like to reach out to us directly to chat about our Walk/Run/Yoga fundraiser or anything else in your mind, call (510) 790-1911 or email Executive Director Tina Steckler at tinaf@hersbreastcancerfoundation.org.

And be sure to save the dates for our 2021 Walk/Run/Yoga Fundraiser (likely virtual): September 25-26, 2021.
Unique, quirky #BCAM Chickens
We recently read a quote from a survivor which related how she laughed often during her hospitalization. Humor was her coping mechanism and we can relate. We see patients laughing through tears and while our team takes our work seriously, we're known to have fun, too.

Which brings us to Crafting Queen and Web Diva Lisa Stambaugh who has humor down in spades. It should really be no surprise that she's responsible for what's likely the quirkiest fundraiser west of the Mississippi...BCAM Chickens!

These pink beauties were lovingly handmade by Lisa and are now ready to leave the nest for their forever homes. We could go on and on but it's best that you just strut on over to our website for full details.

Again, many thanks to Lisa. She shows her love for our patients and our organization in so many ways, including through her incredibly creative crafting!