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     July 10, 2019

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Welcome! This newsletter is dedicated to current studio and community events.  YOU are the reason we are here--please share your ideas, give us feedback, and help us grow this community of health-minded people.  Please tell your friends, family and colleagues about the studio--we appreciate your help in spreading the word and allowing us to serve.

CALL US ANYTIME:  (301) 952-1111
Food Is Love!  And WE Love You!

If you have not seen our FREE veggies on the steps, they are yours--please take one or two items and leave the rest for other clients.  Farmer Dan is busy growing all kinds of things--including a big batch of BUTTERNUT SQUASH!  We grow only organic vegetables; if you are growing and want to share, just leave your blessings on the steps.  You ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

T-Shirt Sale!!!!!!!!!!!

Mara has a big supply of the single emblem Pilates Plus T-shirts for sale.  Ya' gotta grab one!

$7.50 cash
$10.00 check or charge

WE ALWAYS BUY OUR T-SHIRTS BACK, if you if you send us a client. Here's how it works--if you wear your Pilates Plus T-shirt and find us a new client, we will pay you back buy r efunding your t-shirt purchase.
Recently, a client was wearing her shirt at Home Depot and and found us a new friend! We thank you for your confidence in us and for spreading the word!
Welcome New Clients!  

Wow!  Please welcome all of these new faces and names!  We thank you for referring your friends and family to Pilates Plus! We welcome new clients and want to thank you for trusting us with your friends/family. 

Welcome: Donna Beauchamp, Celeste Denson, Mary McDonald, Linda Murphy, Betty Shaw, Kecia Jackson, and Kisha Dorch, Tequilla Wheeler, Sybil Wiggins, Carole Johnson, Joan Udejiofor, Loren, Dillina, and Ainsley McLaughlin, Michelle Carrington, Renee Cash, Jessica Layman, and Letitia Latney!!!!
Upcoming Summer Break and Open Class Slots For Summer

We still have a few open slots for summer classes and are starting two new EXCITING CLASSES:

  • Wednesday 7:00 p.m. Group Reformer  FOR BEGINNERS (discounts for new students!) New two week "taster" class starting on July 24th!
  • Friday 7:15 p.m. Yoga Roulette!  Trade in Happy-Hour for Yoga-Hour.  This exciting new format will run on Friday's at 7:15 p.m. and the format will rotate each week.  Three formats will be offered:  Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, and Yamuna Body Rolling.  Cost is only $90 for six weeks.  Drop-ins are $16 space permitting.


Good News and Accomplishments!
Share With Us

Connie Giannini retired after 41 years with Anne Arundel County and husband retired (for the third time) from his engineering position with the Coast Guard.  Connie and Bob attend weekly trampoline and Tai Chi classes!

Have something we can celebrate?  Graduating?  Retiring? Buying? Selling? Help us strengthen this awesome community by sharing our joys and successes.  Email us anytime!

Summer Challenge!

We have so many people going to so many interesting places--it gave us an idea! Submit your vacation picture to us and we will hold a contest for the BEST PICTURE.  The winner will receive a FREE Reflexology or Private Pilates lesson.  Bonus points to anyone wearing a Pilates Plus T-shirt!

Look closely, and you will find client, Jovanka Cotton in Panama!  Jovanka's journey to health has led her to weekly Yoga classes, the Liver Detox program, and Group Health Counseling!

Mara and hubby Joe backpacking in Va.

Remember: Bonus Points if you are wearing a PPWC T-shirt!

Take us with you on vacation, submit your pics .jpeg files as soon as you can.

Contest will end on August 30th.  You will vote for the winners!

Health Coach Corner: New Summer Recipes!

Don't you just love trying something new, without having to research and find it?  Here are two summer favorites, if you try them, take a pic and send to us and we will enter you into our summer:  DARE TO TRY NEW THINGS contest! You will be completing with other Pilates Plus Clients for FREE services, products, and classes.
Jalapeno Relish
Jalapeno Relish
Jalapeno Hummus
Jalapeno Hummus


Check out our Holistic Health Options!
Make Up Policy Change

Missed Classes

We offer make up slots for any cancellation with 24-hours notice. Make ups are not guaranteed, 
but we make every effort to give you options.  To cancel a class and request a make up, complete a make up  ticket when you in the studio (ask your teacher), online (on our website), or by email (it's that easy!)  Generally, someone will respond within 48 hours.  WE DON'T LIKE EMPTY MATS--SO PLEASE ALWAYS FEEL FREE TO CALL SAME DAY TO SEE IF SOMEONE HAS CANCELLED LAST MINUTE.

Missed Private Lessons

If you cancel a private lesson with less than 24-hours notice, we will make every effort to offer you a make up lesson, in the same week.  If you are unavailable to make up the lesson, we will offer you a make up in a group class.  We know that emergencies happen and do our best to remain flexible and offer you options.

Policy Change

We will email you options for make ups, so it's important that you read your email.  We will only be able to offer you additional make up options one time.  We are committed to keeping our pricing and cost for classes and service as low as possible, in turn, we need to reduce administrative costs of doing business.

Thank you for helping us!

Let us help you with your HEALTH AND WELLNESS goals! We are so blessed to have this talented team!

Customer Service Is Our Priority.

The Pilates Plus staff is here to serve you.  Please always feel free to email or call with your feedback. Our goal is deliver excellent service and when we make a mistake, we want to correct it.  We appreciate your loyalty to us and confidence in us.


Thank you for letting us serve you.
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