Newsletter | October/November 2022
Dharmahorse Equine Sanctuary
and Herbal Stable Yard
Hay Days!

One high point of recent weeks was being able to fill the hay barn with enough alfalfa and grass hay to get through the end of this year! It was made possible by our generous donors, the fundraiser at Woody's Gift Gallery and all those who support this sanctuary and these horses.

The hay is needed, not just to nourish and keep the horses healthy, but to keep them warm this winter. The digestion of hay fiber produces internal heat that is necessary for the horses to brave the cold weather that is coming.

Shelters for all, blankets for the elderly and compromised horses and warm bran mashes through the cold weather also are necessities!
Some very tasty mashes being delivered!
Lung Ta

He's in his third month since the kidney/bladder issues started. One thing I researched to find out (and am observing daily) is that horses with renal issues can become anorexic... getting him to eat and drink remain challenges, but his demeanor is engaged and perky, so we push on doing the best we can.

I gauge his "health" by the amount of effort he puts into avoiding his doses of herb pastes and medicines. Today, I scrubbed his hind legs and I'll tell you, he is his "old self" emotionally!
The horses all enjoy the sunny days lately.
Here, Hubba sleeps in the sun. Tonight will be in the 20's, so I pulled blankets down from the loft for the elderly and special needs horses. Hubba is around 30 years old now. He will get a blanket tonight!
We had an interview with KRWG radio
The local PBS station came out and met the horses, spoke with us about our mission and daily life here.
We also had two new intakes
We took 2 miniature molly mules into Sanctuary. One is gentle, almost a "lap mule" and the other is unhandled, totally feral.

Here is (thankfully) the gentle "Willow" whose hooves were causing her great pain. Our wonderful farrier trimmed her ASAP and it made a huge difference. In time, we hope these hooves will become balanced as they should be.
Mini Mules in transit to Dharmahorse and in Quarantine
Willow and Pumpkin
In Quarantine together
Infrared night photo from one of the video cameras
They rested and relaxed quickly.
We did have an unfortunate glitch with our Facebook page. If you have been following us and wonder where we went, this explains it - More Here
The Water Bar
We set up another water bar on the track system. The offerings are Bentonite clay in water, Zeolytes in water, sodium bicarb in water and ACV in water. The horses can choose what they need. Of course, there is a huge tub of plain, fresh water as well!
Pepper keeps growing like a weed! (so do the weeds from all the rain we got in October!) He stays sound, healthy and coltish. He removes the safety caps from posts, pulls fly masks off of the other horses, stands in feed tubs and gets along well with everyone in the herd. We are so pleased that we agreed to take him into Sanctuary. A youngster keeps us all young.
Amber (dog adopted from the Animal Shelter this past summer) and Billy. They are good friends, but she is so young and "bouncy", we have to keep her from overwhelming Billy for now!

Interestingly, this Youtube Video (from the Dharmahorse Channel) has over 31,000 views now - Mark chopping hay (to soak with water) for Vega.

We miss Vega. Over 6 years of chopping his hay (he had no molars from age 36 to 42 years... he came to us at age 35.

New pages on the website
In keeping with our focus upon Educational Outreach, we have two new pages on the website.

Educational Modules have care and handling information.

We gathered some of Katharine's Articles from Horse Magazines.
We see each horse here as an individual with physical, mental and emotional needs that are dynamic and fluctuate with the weather, the seasons, their changing bodies as they age and who they live with as a herd.

With winter coming, we will be feeding heaps more hay to keep everyone warm! If you want to help a horse, you can sponsor his or her hay costs for a month:
Scroll to the bottom of the page for details on how to donate/sponsor.
If you can help us with funds to provide the special care these individuals need we would be so grateful. Some were abandoned, starving and blind; some were declared hopeless and heading for euthanasia or slaughter; some were brutalized; some orphaned and injured; some were cherished by owners who passed over or became ill or injured. Each horse needed to be in Sanctuary and we took them in as family.

You can use this DONATE button to access our website & donate from there. If you want to send a check, the address is 6874 Coyote Road, Las Cruces, NM, USA, 88012. Make checks to Dharmahorse. We are a 501c3 nonprofit, so donations are tax deductible.

We also have a WISH LIST at Chewy!
CLICK HERE to see it.

The Feed Products on the list are SO needed and appreciated!
Dharmahorse Herbal
We use herbal supplements (of our own making) to support the good health of all the horses here.

Senna - Senna Alexandrina

Years ago, the owner of a boarding stable called me. A horse belonging to one of her clients had coliced. This mare had not had a bowel movement for five days! They were giving up; mineral oil tubings, Banamine (a drug used for colic in horses) and constant walking if she tried to roll had not helped the sweet mare.
The owner adored this horse. She was herself falling apart at the prospect of putting her "down". I said, "Try senna pods - soak a handful of dry pods in a pint of tepid water for 3 hours, then strain it and dose the liquid orally and just repeat it every hour." They did this and after 3 doses, the mare starting having bowel movements! She recovered. I received a beautiful card from the owner and one perfect manure "apple" sprayed with gold paint.
My immediate thoughts of Senna came from my past as an herbalist and from the old time medicines we used at my first stable. There was a kind of dark, grainy powder my Veterinarian prescribed and I used for impaction colic in horses that we mixed with warm water and dosed from a syringe into the horse's mouth. I remember that simply getting the liquid all over my skin would give me raging diarrhea - I also remembered always that the main ingredient in that magical powder was Senna.
A human friend had tried lots of laxatives that had been prescribed by doctors and was getting more ill every day. I told him about the simple senna pods and he used 6 pods to a cup of warm water, drinking it every couple of hours until he had relief. After that, he drank a cup every morning.
Senna is not a good choice for those with high blood pressure or known anxiety issues - it can be stimulating to the whole metabolism. It does support peristalsis in the colon. It has saved several horses I've known personally that were in trouble with impaction colics. Senna LEAF is much stronger and not recommended for use for animals.

We don't do this for donations, we need donations to do this!
We wish you well. We hold this planet and all who fly with her in love & light.
Katharine, Mark & the Dharma Horses