SoCalREN Program Updates
Dear Participating Contractors,

We are excited to announce that the County of Los Angeles/Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN) Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade Program will begin accepting new applications for the 2018 program year, effective Friday, March 16! As mentioned in previous newsletters, the program has been updated to further align with the Southern California Edison (SCE)/SoCalGas® program measures and incentives. Please read below for the details of these changes and the updated program documents you will need. Your Account Managers are happy to help you get started; please contact them for any assistance.

Please note that pending decisions by the CPUC there may be changes to the program later this year. We will keep you updated on the program status and any potential changes.

Program Websites:

The SoCalREN Home Upgrade program’s website will reopen again and the Program Resources page will be available for accessing all program documents. The Contractor Portal remains the same and is expected to be open and ready for you to submit your new projects by March 16. We will send an e-mail notification to Participating Contractors when the Portal and program website are open.

Updates to Program Documents:
Program documents reflect the 2018 program year changes and will be available for download from the Program Resources page.
These documents are available for download right now so that you can start informing your customers about the new incentives right away and to make sure your projects meet the new incentive and energy savings minimums:

The complete list of new 2018 documents and tools that will be available includes:
Updates to Program Measures and Incentives:

Please see the table below for updated measures and incentive amounts.

  • Incentive Minimum: Projects must include enough measures (at least three) to meet the $1,200 incentive minimum or achieve at least 10% energy savings to be eligible. Please see the new 2018 Contractor Incentive Calculator to estimate your project’s incentive and energy savings to check if your project will be eligible.

  • Base Measures: Projects now require at least one base measure and the program will no longer provide a bonus for installing a second or third base measure.

  • Measure Changes: Review updated Duct Sealing and Whole Building Air Sealing measure minimum requirements in the table below (note that 15-29% building leakage reduction no longer qualifies). Incentives will no longer be offered for Heat Pump replacements and High-Performance Dual-Pane Window installations.
As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your Account Managers. They are happy to help!

Erin Croteau
Email or 213-312-1706

Linnea Hofstrom
  Email or 213-312-1757
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