Volume 2 | Issue 13 - July 19, 2021
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City of South Miami
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City begins 2021-2022 budget process
The city has taken the first annual step towards reviewing and finalizing the next year's budget. The first step in the process is always discussing what the proposed millage rate will be for the upcoming year.

If approved as the final rate, the proposed rate of 4.3000 mills would represent the eleventh year in a row the city has not raised the tax rate. It would also maintain the lowest rate the city has had in its most recent (or recorded) history.

The city also set the dates for its September budget hearings when it will discuss and give its final approval to the 2021-2022 spending plan.

For a deeper dive into the city's financial outlook, scroll down.
Don't miss the final event planned during Parks & Recreation Month!

Come out to Brewer Park on July 24 for SoMi Parks Literacy Day!
Safety improvements coming to Marshall Williamson Park
Be on the lookout for about $200,000 worth of safety improvements coming to Marshall Williamson Park.

Among the upgrades will be a new emergency call box, multiple security cameras, tree pruning to improve visibility, removal of diseased or dead trees, and sidewalk repairs and improvements. The park is also getting new tennis benches, dugout cover improvements, and a new ADA sidewalk extension from the existing walkway to the tennis court area.

City adopts conservative, post-COVID budget outlook.
With continued vaccination distribution and decreasing restrictions for businesses, Florida is seeing its delicate economy recover.

In fiscal year 2020-2021, the City of South Miami Administration focused on reducing operational expenses in an effort to meet the reduction of the forecasted revenues for FY 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, without increasing the millage rate and/or eliminating or reducing the current level of service provided to the City of South Miami residents.

The City Administration currently forecasts, as of July 1, 2021, a 1.7% overall revenue increase from the adopted FY 2021 forecasted revenues for FY 2022 as Florida revenues are trending upward. The administration is maintaining a conservative approach to revenue increases and keeping operating expenses steady in anticipation of possible bumps along the way to a full economic recovery.
SoMi PD gets big "thank you" for its dedication to serving and protecting
The South Miami Police Department has been recognized for its devotion to protecting our community.

South Miami Hospital gave the department an award for its continuous commitment and efforts ensuring the safety of hospital employees, patients and guests.
Free Curbside/Walk-In Summer Meals for Students
Miami-Dade County Public Schools is launching a plan to provide free meals to students during the summer break at various locations. Food insecurity is a serious concern in our community.

Check out the new Annual South Miami Twelve Month Activity Report

This year, the city renewed its commitment to communication and transparency by taking several bold steps forward. The report is one element of that campaign. It is a summary of the city's progress over the past year in fiscal management, green initiatives, parks and recreation improvements, capital projects, private development, and more.

The past 12 months have been challenging for everyone. Despite the unprecedented times, the vision and leadership of the Mayor and City Commission provided the guidance for our city to not only persevere but succeed.

The report can be viewed online at:

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