Volume 2 | Issue 11 - June 11, 2021
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City of South Miami
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City improves flood rating - saving YOU money
Get ready to save some money on your flood insurance, thanks to the efforts at city hall.

The City of South Miami just announced it has improved its Community Rating System (CRS) score. The CRS score is determined by how much a community does to protect itself from flooding. Because of the work by the city, SoMi's rating just improved from seven to six (the lower the number, the better it is).

We know...you're saying "Stop with the government jargon, and tell me what this means to me!"

So here is the answer. If you live in what your flood insurance company calls the "special flood hazard area," your insurance costs will now drop by 15%! If you live anywhere else in the city, your costs will drop by 10%!

Make sure you contact your flood insurance company and let them know about the city's upgraded score.
New Entrance Open
In response to resident requests, the city has opened the northwest gate to South Miami Park to make is easier for residents in nearby neighborhoods to access the park
SoMi outdoor dining expanded
For many restaurants, allowing outdoor dining during the pandemic was the difference between staying in business or closing the kitchen.

Now the city has expanded the number of locations where outdoor dining is allowed. The expansion will allow businesses in new locations to set up outdoor dining as an option for patrons.
Calling City Hall improved
When you need to reach someone at City Hall, you now will have a better experience. City Hall just installed a new phone system.
Click on each flyer to expand on your phone and read the details.

Check out the new Annual South Miami Twelve Month Activity Report
The new City of South Miami Twelve Month Activity Report has just been released.

This year, the city renewed its commitment to communication and transparency by taking several bold steps forward. The report is one element of that campaign. It is a summary of the city's progress over the past year in fiscal management, green initiatives, parks and recreation improvements, capital projects, private development, and more.

The past 12 months have been challenging for everyone. Despite the unprecedented times, the vision and leadership of the Mayor and City Commission provided the guidance for our city to not only persevere but succeed.

The report can be viewed online at:

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