Volume 2 | Issue 1 - January 15, 2020
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City of South Miami
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SoMi moves ahead with annexation request
There's a small area south of SW 80th street that could become home to new members of the South Miami family. The city is moving forward with resident requests to annex an area just under 0.2 square miles on its south end.

The area is from SW 80th street to the Snapper Creek Canal, and from SW 67th avenue to SW 62nd avenue. The only exception is a small cut out for Fuchs Park which is already part of the city.

Right now the area is part of Miami-Dade County, but residents inside the area approached the city asking to become part of the City of South Miami. One main reason was a concern over public safety. Residents in the area say South Miami police generally respond faster to the area than Miami-Dade police.

The move could be a win-win for residents and the city. Residents would benefit from access to city amenities, programs, and services. The city would benefit by expanding its tax base.

Annexation is a multistep process. Miami-Dade County must study the request submitted by the City, which could take several months. Following the County’s review, there will be numerous public hearings and opportunities for public votes.
Fuchs Park improvements coming
If you enjoy walking in the beautiful Florida sunshine, you soon can enjoy Fuchs Park in a whole new way.

The City is planning to build a pedestrian walking path around the perimeter of the pond at Fuchs Park. The new asphalt trail will include two lookout points. The city is putting in the walkway to create another area where people can enjoy a more active, livable space promoting fitness, physical activity, and even mental health. The new path is also part of the city's 10-year Parks Master Plan.
See the light at Dante Fascell!
Crews are getting set to install new lighting in Dante Fascell Park.

Over the next few weeks, new lights are going in at the tennis courts and parking area.

During the installation, the only part of the park that could be closed is the tennis courts. If you're looking to play, we suggest you check before heading over.
OK. We know this isn't the sexiest topic, however...
One of our most visible roles in the community is trash collection. Soon, you’ll see a brand-new trash truck rolling down the road. The city is purchasing the new truck to replace one that has been on the road for ten years. That’s a lot of wear and tear for a garbage truck! Meanwhile, the new truck is also expected to cut down on maintenance costs!
Improvements coming to Little House Reserve Park
As part of South Miami’s continuing commitment to enhance public spaces, the city is moving forward with improvements at Little House Reserve Park.

The city will be doing a major clean-up of the park, including the removal of invasive trees, non-native plants, tree stumps, dead trees, and vines along the perimeter of the park.

Little House Reserve Park, of LHRP is just one of the little gems in our city that help fulfill the promise of being “the city of pleasant living.”
Martin Luther King Jr. Schedules
In observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, garbage and trash pick-up is changing a bit.

There will be no garbage or trash pick-ups on Monday, January 18. Monday’s garbage route will be picked up on Tuesday, January 19 and Tuesday’s route will be picked up on Wednesday January 20.

Regularly scheduled trash and garbage pick-up will resume on Monday the 25.
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