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Happy Memorial Day!
My Dad is a Great Horned Owl

"During a windstorm it is not uncommon for immature birds to be blown down from the trees in which they have been living. We recommend putting the displaced birds back in their nests. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, this cannot always be done..."

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A Wish Fulfilled 

Nobody likes the news news of cancer; particularly those who have always been active and suddenly have to give it all up. It was especially devastating when Ellen had to put her life on pause and trade everything in for doctors appointments and medical treatments. 

One day, while she was visiting the zoo with her friend Sue, she shared that she would love to see an eagle fly, not just sit in a cage.  Sue, remembering the educational program at a school years ago, was able to contact Soaring Hawk to see if they could help. 
On a cold, brisk, Saturday, Ellen was given the opportunity to meet our resident eagle Jefferson, up close and personal. Although his injuries make him non-releasable, he was able to fly for the surprised Ellen in an open field not too far from her home.
She was touched that Soarin' Hawk would do that just for her!  
While our mission is focused on our feathery friends, it stems a desire and compassion for our environment, which isn't limited to rescuing birds. We are all connected and every effort; no matter how small can bring us all one step closer to a better future.

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